Thursday, January 1, 2015

Blank Space

The new year creates a clean slate.  You get the chance to start again.  Some people take this really seriously.

Then there's me.

I like a blank slate, but I'm not a person who leaves the past behind.  I like to learn, I like to evolve, and I like to carry the good with me.

2014 brought so many good things into my life.  I'm getting a new brother via my sister's engagement, I'm getting a second father via my mom's engagement.  I had adventures with friends that will stay with me forever.  I started on a path that with further my career starting grad school.

2015 will bring so much happiness into my life, I am staying open and creating a positivity around myself.  There are so many new beginnings to come and I can't wait.

And I will keep drinking too much wine, laughing at the wrong time, navigating how I fit into the blogging world, and dancing with my favorite people anywhere I can.


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