Thursday, July 31, 2014

Thirsty Thursday


1. All I've wanted lately is Chipolte, so this seems appropriate.

2. I've been lusting over most of BaubleBar's site recently, but trying to make reasonable purchases lately.  This little lady might get me though.

3. I'm having a skirt moment, and this mint midi from Asos is styled in such a simple way that you can't help but get sucked in.  I need to see if mint is still in for the fall, if not Asos has plenty of other colors in this style.

4. Tequila + grapefruit juice = heaven

5. All white errrrrverything.  My girl.

6. I own a sweatshirt from Private Party and it is a weekend staple in my life.  Dazed and Confused has been one of my favorite movies my whole life, so naturally this is next on my list.

7.   Who is ready for fall. I'm ready to dust off my faux fur vest and plaid shirts!

Tonight I am going to celebrate my sister's engagement with my family with my favorite Maryland tradition: crabs and beer!  Cheers!


Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Older Bolder

So my birthday is less than a month away now, and though I don't enjoy getting further away from 20, it's always kind of fun to get a year older.

Now the most I ever want for my birthday is a few laughs and drinks with my friends, I'm not afraid of a little wish list for if I ever had a birthday fairy godmother.

1. Kendra Scott Shaylee Pendant Necklace

If you know me you know me you know I get separation anxiety if I'm too far from my Kendra Scott Rayne necklace.  I love that thing and it's become such a staple in my life that I would love to get it a little sister, any color is fine with me.

2. GiGi New York Teddi in salmon

I may or may not have sent the link for this bag to my mom with an explanation that it was on super sale and have had my fingers crossed ever since.

3. Press for Champagne on Etsy

I found this while reading a blog recently and fell in love.  I've been deciding where I should hang this in my house ever since.

4. All inclusive trip to Santorini

I'll even bring you along.  Men with dark hair, crazy accents and good food. Sign me up.


I'm just saying, I would forfeit gifts for the rest of my life......


Monday, July 28, 2014

Let it go

I had a fantastic weekend.  It was busy, but fantastic.  I was sitting at my best friend's house yesterday, surrounded by my best friends and I felt myself just smiling.   My life is good. I have so much love in my life, and the people I love have so much love in their lives.  I am letting go of my worries and expectations and I keep going.  

Breathe. Release. Keep Going.


Thursday, July 24, 2014

Reunion tour

It's finally here. It's been years, thousands of snap chats and texts later my twin is finally coming to visit!
There will be drinks, laughs, trash talking and judging.
I. Can't. Wait.


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wednesday Wishes


1. Who doesn't wish they had this hair? As someone who goes into an office every day it seems impossible but oh I wish I may, I wish I might.

2. My sister got engaged this week! I'm so excited! This photo makes my heart smile and I will keep this one in mind.

3. I wish this was my view, right now.  Cup of coffee, a balcony and this view.  A hot man wouldn't hurt.

4. I'm trying to talk my sister into black bridesmaids dresses and this beauty is at the top of my list.

5. All black errrrverything thing.

6. OK I can't plan, I'm not a planner.  Being the Maid of Honor requires me planning, someone help me!


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Day Drinkin

Baltimore has a large gathering every year to celebrate art in all of it's forms, and that gathering is called Artscape.  Now I've never actually gone, so Saturday I gathered my two besties and we hopped on the light rail to check it out.  

I enticed the girls with a promise of acceptable day drinking and food trucks, works every time.

Look how the heavens opened up behind this sign, like a beacon.

This smelled heavenly and all three of us literally stopped to stare.

I turned around to take a look at my surroundings.

Turned back around and my friend Nar was still staring at them meat.

First Lady of Baltimore was present and accounted for.

This guy had the right idea.

We wandered the food truck row and finally decided on this little joint, where the crowd was hovering so it had to be good.

Bottle opener with a little reflection of me in the back.

While we waited the truck ran out of fresh tortillas, so the friendly worker called each person up by name and made suggestions for alternatives based on our orders.  We opted for two orders of nachos, and a few rice bowls.  

HEAVEN.  Fresh, tangy, not too spicy.

Ran into this gentleman and his friends who blocked off a part of the street.

 This group lined up 4 members of the crowd and one nice gentleman decided to see if he could fly.

Turns out he could.

We wandered the vendors, checking out all the unique trinkets at each stop.  After a few hours we were exhausted so we stopped into Starbucks and headed back to the light rail to head home.

It was a gorgeous day in Baltimore and it was days like this that make me love this city.  

Cold beer at 2pm doesn't hurt either.....


Friday, July 18, 2014

Breakfast of Champions

My favorite meal of the day is breakfast.  Always has been, always will me.  I love a good big breakfast, a cup of coffee the size of my head, and the sun coming through the windows.  

I have made this breakfast many times, and it's my go to hangover and my go to when I want a morning TV show marathon.  It's the first recipe I ever did of Rosie's, and is my favorite I have to say.  Gosh it's like picking a favorite child.

Chorizo is a great spicy meat I only remember seeing on a menu at my favorite Mexican restaurant, but it fits nicely here.

While my veggies and meat simmer I make the biggest cup of butter coffee I can.  If you haven't tried butter coffee we need to have a serious conversation.

Cracking the eggs into this is my favorite part. I always feel like I'm Betty in that Flintstones movie.

I think the hook for me with this beauty is the feta cheese, any other cheese wouldn't have made this my favorite.  The feta wins it.

Throw a couple hunks of bread together if your going to use it as a dippy egg breakfast.  If you are being carb-free or watching the carbs just eat it with a spoon, I've done this for dinner a few times.

Once you get this down it's so easy to throw together.  The house smells lovely and you will look like a complete baller in the kitchen I promise.


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wednesday Wishes

1. I wish I'd get into grad school.  Applications are out, fingers crossed.

2. I wish I could afford some great adventure vacation.  I'm talking Europe, a safari or a meditation trip.

3. I wish I could find a good yoga class that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. (arm & leg, get it)

4. I wish I could figure out a good way to celebrate me turning 28 other than at the bottom of a bottle.

5. I wish someone would buy me this.

6. Or these.

7. I wish it was next weekend so I could sit outside and have drinks with CBK!


Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Maybe it's the 90 plus degree weather we've been having in my neck of the woods.  Maybe it's the daily end of the world thunderstorm we've been having daily.  Maybe it's the pumpkin smelling air freshener in my bathroom at work.  I'm ready for fall y'all. 

I'm ready for cozy sweaters and skinny jeans.  I'm ready for "I can wear just a hoodie" nights.  I'm ready for flannel shirts and riding boots.  I'm ready for pumpkin spice everything.  

I know it sounds crazy, but I'm so ready for fall.


Monday, July 14, 2014

Arriba Arriba

My one weakness in life is Mexican food/drink.  I love nachos, burritos, enchiladas, and especially tequila.  None of these are health friendly, so I'm always looking for an alternative to keep myself happy.

Luckily Rosie from The Londoner even has an answer for this: Skinny Crispy-Chicken Burrito Bowls.

The key to this tasty little bugger is the "rice" is actually grated cauliflower.  Cauliflower is something I've been learning to use as a substitute for starches in so many of my meals lately.

Fun fact, grated cauliflower stinks, badly.

I licked the spoon I used to make this guacamole like a kid making Christmas cookies.

Throw in some spices, mix it all up, dance around the kitchen and you'll never miss rice.

Isn't she beautiful?  You won't have the same guilty feeling you have after you leave Chipolte!  It's a little tedious to make, but the results are worth it.  Sometimes the juice is worth the squeeze.

Use some of the sliced limes for tequila shots and you have yourself a party!