Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Ed Sheeran Day

Alright y'all it's Ed Sheeran day.  I feel like I've been waiting to see him live forever now and today is the day!   The past few weeks I've been having to explain who he is to everyone (my mom being the funniest) and realizing it's hard to explain.

"Is he country?"
"But he toured with Taylor Swift"
"Yeah but he's not country"
"That song SING makes him sound pop"
"Well kinda but not always"
"He sounds like a hip hop artist"
"Well he's a red headed Brit, but yeah sometimes"

I've been in love with his music for years.  I've been amazed that not only does he write his own music based on his life, but he can write songs based on other people's experiences and capture them so well too.

And he can cover any song and make it sound like his own.

Sam Smith
(I about died over this one)
And he performs live, alone.  No band, no one else but him and his loop pedal machine (Google it, it's insanity). 

I'm more than a little excited.  I love live music because I feel like you never really know an artist better than you do when you see them live. 
Some artists I've realized I'm not a huge fan of because of a live performance, other's I've fallen in love with. 
I really hope I fall more in love with Ed after tonight, if that's at all possible.

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