Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Change is Gonna Come

I feel like things in life are about to change, I feel a good storm coming.  I keep collecting inspiration for the blog and for my life and I feel like I'm preparing for something big.

  • Emily has me hooked on these H&M sweats, I had to order them  yesterday and can't wait to dress them up.
  • Wine colored everything.  My love for red accessories knows no bounds and since wine is the color of the season I can't get enough of it.  Rosie killed me with this look, the hat and the bag are my new obsession.
  • The new One Direction song nailed it for the week.
  • There are a lot of events going on in 2015 that are going to take up a lot of my time.  All I want to do is find some way to disappear for a week.  Go completely off the grid.  This has me thinking some secret cafe in Paris could be the trick.
  • I know I talked about the progress on turning my extra office/bedroom into a closet, but lately all I can think about is a library.  I'm talking a mini Beauty and the Beast library.  I'll be searching Pinterest for ideas, but I'm thinking a window seat and wall to wall books.
Maybe I need to create one of those new age-y vision boards.

Oh screw that I have a blog.


Monday, September 29, 2014

Monday Morning

It was brought to my attention lately that two guys I used to date/was interest in have gotten married recently.  Both guys are lovely and I know they found their people but there's that sensitivity that people have had with me lately that just kind of annoyed me.  

I'm not a fragile person, I don't mind being single, I don't need another person to validate me.  Yes I like to have a good pity party with wine and think about how much better I am than the person they married (not true, just a fleeting thought).  

I need to make myself happy, I need to be the best version of myself.  I'm working toward it.  I go back to school in a week, I'm setting my alarm to go work out in the morning, and I'm having adventures I will remember the rest of my life. 

I will keep having fun and being a hopeless romantic, if that means I'll be 80, alone, surrounded by gorgeous red purses, honestly I'm going to be OK with that.  

As long as there is some good wine.


Thursday, September 25, 2014

Bursts of Beauty

Yesterday was crap.  The day started with me cracking the screen on my iPhone and ended with me dropping a pan of bacon out of the oven.  I couldn't help but smile.

Hold on, not psycho, hysterical smile, but a genuine "life is kicking my ass" smile.  

I looked at the sky when I was getting gas and it was changing from pink to blue to a purple.  I got home and my windows were open and the crisp air was coming through.

Life is crazy, life isn't always fun, but living is beautiful! Pour yourself a drink and be grateful that tomorrow you get another shot at it.


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Story of My Life

So next week is the event I have been waiting almost a year for: the One Direction concert in ATL with CBK!!!  Clearly my biggest concern is what I will wear, so here are the options.


This option is a little outside my comfort zone.  I purchased the faux leather pants on sale last year from ASOS and have been terrified to rock them since.  The ones above are a similar pair.  This outfit incorprates enough of my own real style (red bag, Courtney bib) with the outside my comfort zone.  I would rock this with a bright red/pink lip and go dance my ass off.


This outfit is more "me".  It's more my every day style and something I would be completely comfortable in.  This outfit is a take on one I saw CBK rock and I fell in love.  

Do I do this, know I'll fit in and be comfortable and happy or do I throw caution to the wind?  

It is a One Direction concert in a city I've never been before, and I've watched enough Housewives to know that these ladies take their fashion seriously.

Help please!


Friday, September 19, 2014

Run Forest

So Sunday marks my third half marathon and I'm dreading it.  Running 13.1 miles isn't natural, it isn't normal, it isn't even particularly fun.  Why do I continue to do this to myself?

I love the ending feeling.  

I love doing something I never thought I could do.  I love training (or laying around) all year.  

I don't think I'll do another half, I think three is my limit, but I've said this before.  

Now I will be building my ultimate playlist, making sure I have my hair ties, and kicking my own ass.

Will someone please make sure there is a 30 pack of beer and some Five Guys in my fridge when I get home?   Oh an I don't plan on moving until Tuesday, so I hope everyone has a nice weekend.


Thursday, September 18, 2014

Resting Bitch Face

So, it has been brought to my attention lately (again) that I look pissed off all the time.  I'm a pretty snarky, deadpan person, but I'm not pissed off at the world.  I blame it on my resting bitch face.  You know what I'm talking about, when my face is relaxed it still looks bitchy. 

I cannot be fake and slap on a smile (unless it's for a free drink) and that is something I'm generally proud of. 

When people really think I'm angry most of the time I get offended.  Just because I don't giggle when you say something really stupid, or jump every time you need help doesn't mean I'm made, I may just not like you.

I am a pretty calm person who says a lot of sarcastic things most of the time, if you don't get it keep it moving.


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Wednesday Wishlist


1.  Isn't this little ASOS number a dream?  I love the delicate pattern and the colors.  Throw on some black tights and booties and you have a winter party outfit.

2. How am I just discovering The Mindy Project?  I've started season 1 and I watched the new episode last night and I'm obsessed.  I need a Danny in my life.  

3. Plaid, duh.  This boyfriend shirt from the Gap looks super comfy though.

4. I saw this BaubleBar beauty on Tori Gonzales's blog and I'm in love.  Plus a necklace that looks like it could cut a bitch is right up my alley.

5. Are torn denim really logical for the working girl?  I know my boyfriend jeans got a lot of mileage this summer, so I will probably have to get these bad boys.  With an Old Navy price tag you can totally justify them.


Monday, September 15, 2014

Monday Musings

1.  The XFactor UK has started again, so of course I'm hooked.  Now the show didn't work in the US, but the UK one is brilliant.  Cheryl Cole returned this year, and she's the reason I fell in love with the show in the first place.  This show has discovered One Direction, Olly Murs, and Little Mix.  

2. The Outlander books by Diana Gabaldon are consuming my nights.  The books have been around for some time and my mom actually has been a fan for years so I keep stealing them from her.

3.  This.

4. I discovered this chick's blog a couple weeks ago and I'm hooked.  Her tone and style is so fun and fresh.  

5. That.

6.  I'm searching for more crock-pot recipes to give a whirl this fall.  Pinterest and Skinnytaste are my go-to.


Friday, September 12, 2014

Hair of the Dog


Being hungover at 28 sucks.  Being hungover at work sucks.  My Steelers losing miserably to the Ravens is a guaranteed hangover for my Friday at work.  This outfit is literally what I will be wearing tomorrow.  

 My comfy Old Navy tshirt with my shockingly relaxed New York & Company jeans and you have the best hangover uniform.  Throw on my Baublebar necklace and my H&M shoes to dress this up a little but I still feel like I'm in my PJ's.  Sprinkle in a little Chickfila, and I'll make it.

 I may even try to get away with wearing my sunglasses at my desk all day. 

Pray for me.


Thursday, September 11, 2014

Always On My Mind

How could we ever forget?  The date and images will be forever burned into our brains.  We all sit and talk about where we were and how we felt.  We need to keep remembering for all those people who lost their lives today and those people who are still fighting for our country all over the world.  Remember how we stood together.


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Mad for Plaid


I don't know what it is but once September hits all I can think about is plaid.  It may be the Catholic schoolgirl I was in a past life (cough first grade cough) that couldn't wait to throw on my super cute uniform every day.  Maybe it was going back to high school in the fall and rocking my field hockey plaid kilt.  All I know is all I am searching for is something plaid to wear with my vest, my sunglasses and a huge triple, skinny, vanilla latte.


Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Oh Make Me Over


Make-up  has always been fun for me.  I love playing, I love accentuating my positives, and I love playing dress up.  I can literally get this done in about 10 minutes when I'm barely functioning first thing in the morning before work and I still look somewhat awake.

1. MAC Bare Study-I use this as an eye primer, it has a great base and keeps my eye make-up going all day long.  I've tried a bunch of bases but this and another MAC are my favorite.

2. Bare Minerals San Fransisco- This blush gives me life.  This makes me look awake and gives me enough of a glow in the morning that I look like I had more coffee than I probably had.  Blush for me gets rough because it can make anyone look like a clown, but this blush is harmless.

3. Esos Strawberry Sorbet-I literally have one of these in every single bag I rotate in my daily life.  I can't live without this little guy.

4. Benefit They're Real mascara-OK I've tried literally every mascara.  From the $43 YSL to the Covergirl ones and this guy, hands down, is the best.  I'm obsessed.  My eyelashes are almost completely blond, so without mascara I look crazy, but people have consistently made comments about my eyelashes since using this.  Hook for life.

5.  Antonym Quattro Noisette-  My favorite part of myself are my eyes, they're this crazy green color I was lucky enough to inherit from my Grandfather and I love making them pop, this collection makes it easy.  I picked up this on my major shopping spree at Pink Dot Beauty Bar in Charleston, SC.  This is an Eco-friendly, skin friendly brand that I was introduced to by my fairy godfather and I'm hooked. 

6. Bare Minerals foundation-My go to for everyday coverage.  I love myriad of secrets this little guy hides and I still feel like I have nothing on.  Hooked. Forever.

7.  Covergirl eyeliner- This is easy, it's cheap, and it looks fantastic.  Simple.

8. Vincent Longo Sweet Samba-Another gift from my dude at the Pink Dot Beauty Bar, they only had two left in stock and you better believe that I grabbed both.  It's a perfect neutral and since I love to play up my eyes I like to keep the lips neutral.


Monday, September 8, 2014

Bet You Can

Music gets me up and moving in the morning.  I use music to get me through the day.  I'm dying for some new music to get me through the half marathon this month.  I need some ideas for songs that will make me not even want to quit.

Or I may just play all Beyonce songs on repeat until I'm through the 13.1 miles.


Friday, September 5, 2014

Who Are You Wearing?

People who feel connected to celebrities freak me out.  We don't know these people, we aren't a part of their lives.  I love watching and being entertained, but there are very few celebrities that I really feel like I've learned from or who have pulled something out of me.  

Joan Rivers is one of those people.  

I remember being maybe 11, watching The Fashion Police and just absorbing everything she said.  Her attention to detail and love of style helped create my love of fashion.  I learned names and patterns of high end designers from her.  Before then I never felt like I was an artist or appreciated art until I discovered fashion and she opened my eyes.

I am someone who is extremely blunt (cringe worthy sometimes) and I tend to speak my mind.  This is attributed to my parents, but also the women I look up to.  I love funny women, and after Lucille Ball there was Joan Rivers.  I saw her say things and speak her mind but always with a smile and with a joke.  She was opinionated and crass, and I was enthralled.

She helped teach me in so many ways.  I could even tell how loyal she was because she never went through a breathe without mentioning her daughter or her grandson.  She was always supporting other women in comedy, and that's a rough place for a woman to be.  She blazed the trail for my favorite ladies Kathy Griffin and Chelsea Handler.  

And I'll never stop saying what I'm thinking.  


Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Clean Slate


So I've lived in my house for almost 2 1/2 years and I have yet to put anything on the walls of my bedroom.  Almost every other room has something, but my room I have yet to touch.  There is something about the clean walls, the fresh start that I haven't been able to let go of yet. 

When I started to think about what to do I thought of this massive back wall in my room just stacked with frames.  Frames with prints of all my favorite things in all shapes and sizes.  I'm thinking pictures of cities, quotes, and affirmations just stacked on the back wall.  

I haven't made the move yet, but these are some of my favorites.


Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Read, Listen, Love

Who's ready for a new week?


1.  Love this girl. I love the attitude, the style and now she has a voice on a blog.

2. If you know me you know Charleston is one of my favorite places on the planet.  I get my daily dose from Annie and I feel like I'm there.

3. This show got me immediately so of course I ran out and scooped up the first book.  Apparently my mom read a bunch of them years ago, so I'm going hunting in her house soon to grab up the rest.


1. TSwifty-Shake It Off

2. Sam Smith-I'm Not the Only One

3.  Eminem (feat. Sia)-Guts Over Fear


1. I don't know where I'd wear this dress, but I feel like I need to figure it out.

2. The possibilities would be endless for me with this pullover.  Damn price tag.

3.  Because every girl needs some arm candy.