Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Story of My Life

So next week is the event I have been waiting almost a year for: the One Direction concert in ATL with CBK!!!  Clearly my biggest concern is what I will wear, so here are the options.


This option is a little outside my comfort zone.  I purchased the faux leather pants on sale last year from ASOS and have been terrified to rock them since.  The ones above are a similar pair.  This outfit incorprates enough of my own real style (red bag, Courtney bib) with the outside my comfort zone.  I would rock this with a bright red/pink lip and go dance my ass off.


This outfit is more "me".  It's more my every day style and something I would be completely comfortable in.  This outfit is a take on one I saw CBK rock and I fell in love.  

Do I do this, know I'll fit in and be comfortable and happy or do I throw caution to the wind?  

It is a One Direction concert in a city I've never been before, and I've watched enough Housewives to know that these ladies take their fashion seriously.

Help please!


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  1. Go out of your comfort zone!!! It's always fun and makes you feel like a million bucks!! Enjoy :) xoxo

    Annie Reeves