Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanks to you...

Hello world it's been quite a while, I'd love to say a ton has happened but it's me we're talking about.

I have always love, love, loved Thanksgiving, there are no gift expectations, everyone makes good food and you get to be lazy.  This year I have decided to be sober until December 8th weekend, self imposed sobriety stemming from a night in the city which was a little out of control for me.  Whenever you wake up and have to apologize it's not a great thing.  Wednesday night I went out with my closest friends to a local place, watched them be drunk messes and had an all around good time.

Thanksgiving was nice since my sister is a nurse and does not get to spend it with us often, she was home and we had a great dinner.  My mom woke me up at 3:45 am on Black Friday to go shopping, yep she's batshit crazy, but I love her.  Now a quick trip to Victoria Secret (for me) and Coach (for mom), I was basically done with my Christmas shopping. My sister is the worst person to shop with, unless it's for her, so we ran around the mall until around 10am when we finally came home.

I basically spent the rest of the weekend doing what I usually do, hanging out with my couch and my friends.

Now we're finalizing New Years eve plans and I've decided I'm not making resolutions this year, I am making a bucket list to get me out of my comfort zone, beware it's pretty shallow:

1. Make more money (either via raise or even another job)
2. Change my hair up (either by color or cut, probably cut since being blonde makes me happy)
3. Start dressing like I want to rather then how I think I should (more options, hence making more money)
4. Kiss more boys that aren't "my type" (aka don't judge, just do, hell I'm still single why not)
5. Be a classier drinker (aka start drinking like an old man, think bourbon and good wine)
6. Go on more adventures (try more day trips, find cute places to do dinner and drinks)
7. Be less hermit-like (I love living alone but I need to make more of an effort to invite people into my home)
8. Be nicer (I'll try)
9. Figure out what I really want (Seriously I have no clue)
10. Travel somewhere not for work by myself (hello Cali)