Tuesday, December 31, 2013

#MyTunesTuesday NYE

OK so there's certain songs that are just NYE essentials, for me at least:

1. Black Eyed Peas-I've Got a Feeling-OK obviously this song has NYE written all over it, it is an oldie but a goodie and a given for a bunch of drunk girls in the bar to be dancing and singing at the top of their lungs. 
2. LMFAO-Shots-just because..........
3. Dirty Dancing-Time of My Life-This song is always played at a bar I used frequent in my city at the very end of the night, and let me tell you, EVERYONE is singing and swaying, everyone!
4. One Direction-Midnight Memories-Just because the title says it all, and the boys are so freakin cute.  They may have ripped off Def Leopard but it's still a fun song.

Have a safe and happy New Year y'all

Monday, December 30, 2013

New Year's Eve panic

I hope y'all had a great Christmas and a nice holiday week!  I got to spend my holiday cuddled with the people I love the most, eating too much and not getting out of my pj's all day.

Quickly after Christmas comes the New Years Eve panic.  I'm talking the full on worry about what you will wear, who you will be with, and where you will go.   I have spent the last four New Years with my favorite group of people, dancing in random places, and kissing random boys.  Now I just need a dress......


Tuesday, December 24, 2013

#MyTunesTuesday Christmas time

I am not including Mariah Carey on purpose!

1. NSYNC-Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays
I was a NSYNC girl from day 1.  This whole holiday CD is epic but this song wraps it all up nicely.

2. Elvis-Blue Christmas
My Mommy has been making me listen to Elvis Presley since I was born, I was a lover of all things Elvis since then.  This song is so Christmas to me, everything about it.

3. Kelly Clarkson- Please Come Home for Christmas
Kelly Clarkson is perfection, I've said it before I will say it again.  This song reminds me of "Home Alone" which has to be one of my favorite movies of all time.  My parents always said I acted like Kevin when I was younger and looking back I think they were right, oh well.

4. Beach Boys-Merry Christmas, Baby
The Beach Boys are my Dad, every time I hear their voices my heart literally clenches.  My Dad would sing this so loud and happy when it was Christmas time, I still can't listen to it without tearing up, but it is still one of my favorites.

Merry Christmas y'all!!


Monday, December 23, 2013

Cuz all I want for Christmas is you....

Had breakfast with this lovely lady yesterday:

And she brought up the fact that my sister, who is the biggest Christmas freak on the planet, was not excited about Christmas this year.  We all just seem a little out of it.  I explained to her this is the first Christmas we've all literally been living in different places.  I have the tightest family unit, since it's only three of us it's not the biggest accomplishment, but they are my life.  We have had Christmas traditions forever, and we have at least always been in the same place during Christmas.

It throws us all off a little when we're apart, so for Christmas Eve, since my nurse extraordinaire sister is working Christmas day, is spending the night at mom's house with me.  I can't freaking wait!

There's going to be a lot of wine, a lot of Christmas movies, and a lot of giggling.


Friday, December 20, 2013

Who Runs the World?

Yesterday while talking to my mom she brought up the fact that her manfriend is worried I'm too strong and that I scare guys away.  Then she quickly said "screw that".

I'm a bad bitch, I know it sounds cocky but believe me I'm not, I'm just saying I have my shit together.  I work hard, I play hard, and everything I have is from me!  I'm strong, I speak my mind and I know what I want.

If that means guys are too scared and that I'll be alone forever, well hell, I'd rather be alone than with someone who didn't respect and love me for who I am.


Thursday, December 19, 2013

Most Wonderful Time of the Year......

OK so full disclosure, I haven't been into Christmas this year.  I barely got out my decorations, finally put my tree up the second week in December, and Mom grabbed me a gorgeous wreath for my front door.   Christmas isn't my thing, I get super uncomfortable opening gifts in front of people (my face is too truthful apparently) and I'm too broke (hello, single homeownership) to afford anything really great for my family.

 I did my Christmas shopping on Black Friday, hungover out of my head, trying not to throw up on the floor of the Coach store.  Thankfully, the best sales chicks ever understood, and I literally pointed at things and they were wrapped and I dragged my ass to the Cheesecake factory for a mimosa.

Yesterday I finally got into the swing of things.  My work bff brought my Christmas gift early and it was a shiny, huge, travel coffee cup in green.  Quickly after that, my boss walked by with my gift, a One Direction calender and a Target gift card, he knows me too well.  Then, at our office luncheon, we had a white elephant gift exchange, where I walked away with a bottle of Fireball Whiskey which will keep me warm before I go out on New Years Eve.

I came home to find my All the Wire purchase in the mail, open the door to my house to find that my mother and her boyfriend had been there and touched up all the paint on the walls in my house and left me so many surprises!

I poured the wine and ripped open my package and fell in love with this.

The inscription says "MAJ Live Now", which are my Dad's initials and basically the way he lived his life.  My Dad wasn't just my hero because he was my dad, but because of the way he lived.  The man traveled the world, saw everything, golfed everywhere, worked his ass off to be so successful, and married the best friend he ever had.  He may not have been the most open or affectionate man, but that's what made him authentic, he never faked how he felt about a person or anything.  

The one comfort my family has always had is that even though we lost him entirely too young, he LIVED and he lived the way he wanted to.  

I have been looking for some way to memorialize him for my every day life.  Tattoos are not for me, seeing as the last time I had to give blood I physically threatened the male nurse if he missed a vein and the last flu shot I got I started sobbing uncontrollably in front of the lovely, but sturdy looking nurse before she even touched me.  It's hard to find jewelry that you love that both means something personal and doesn't break the bank.  When I found All the Wire I knew this was it, a way to create a reminder of my Dad in my own way.  

I love it! I'm so excited to have exactly what I wanted to say about my Dad on a necklace that I can always wear.  I am already stalking the hell out of the website for this rad bullet necklace and planning on ordering the rings as well.


Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Alright, next week is all Christmas music, so this week it's just the usual.

1. Miley Cyrus-F U
Alright, I heard this song on the Victoria's Secret fashion show last week and was OBSESSED with first beat.  There's this fantastic Parisian feel to the song.  I am not a fan of what Miley has become, however lady knows how to make some amazing pop music.  I'm always down for some angry girl music.
I'm not as stupid as you sound, and you sound really dumb right now.

2. Maroon 5-Sad
It's no secret I love all things Maroon 5 and Adam Levine.  If I were on a deserted island with my choice of only one CD it would be Songs About Jane.  This song is ridiculously moving, simple, and gorgeous to listen to.  If you've ever been getting out of a crazy relationship you get stuck in these feelings like you didn't try enough or maybe letting go isn't the right thing, that's all here in one song.  On The Voice Amber Carrington also did a cover of this song last season, also freakin amazing and I own her version too.

Still looking at the road we never drove on, and wondering if the one I chose was the right one. 

3. Big & Rich w/ Gretchen Wilson-Fake ID
You want a song that is going to get you up and dancing? Here it is.  This song was featured in the remake of Footloose (which I loved FYI) and I wished I had cowboy boots and a good bar to go dance at.  It's just a fun, feel good, blast and sing at the top of your lungs songs.  Nothing like a good country song to make everything better.....

Here's my money, now get out of my way

4. Ellie Goulding- Figure 8
This song has been haunting me for weeks.  There's something about the lyrics with the structure of the song that just haunts you.  I love me some Ellie Goulding, she sounds like no one else, and she writes lyrics like no one else.

I need you more than I can take, you promised me forever and a day


Monday, December 16, 2013

Number of current boyfriends: zero

Y'all I was going to do this whole post about my weekend and baking Rosie's Slutty Brownies, but I'm too tired from everything I did this weekend (which was nothing) so I'll leave you with my weekend recap.

Watched this:

Fell in love with this:

Did a lot of this:

I promise I'll do better this week....

Friday, December 13, 2013

Who needs an office?

So I'm trying to turn my guest room/office in my house into another closet, inspiration:

Because when you're 27, single and living alone you don't need an office, you need more closet space.  I'll be posting the progress as the project continues

Are y'all watching Courtney Loves Dallas?! If not, you should, it's better than I ever thought and my only complaint is it isn't an hour long.  

I mean I loved Courtney Kerr but I didn't expect to fall in love with her BFF Tori.  Homegirl has a company called All The Wire, which has the coolest personalized, unique jewelry.  My necklace is already ordered!


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Show Stopper

Show stopper, show show stopper.  I watched the Victoria's Secret fashion show last night and I'll explain why.

1. Motivation-nothing makes you want to put down the cookies (they were thin mints) and throw your gym clothes into the car faster.  These ladies are STUNNING! I'm not crazy enough to think I'll ever look like one of them (even if the only thing I ate for a year was toilet paper) but it's still a great point of motivation.
2. Taylor Swift-my love for all things TSwifty knows no bounds, and as I said before it takes some BALLS for a chick to get up on that stage with all those beauties and hold her own.  My girl performed with Fall Out Boy and did "Trouble" and looked amazingggggg doing it. Seriously though, do I need bangs?

3. Fun-OK if you take the whole body envy out of the equation and just take it as a fun fashion show with a bunch of lovely girls walking down a sparkly runway (seriously how do I make that? Glitter glue?) in their underwear or fun outfits.  I mean how many of us have danced around in our underwear to a Taylor Swift song or done a pretend runway show with our girlfriends when we were younger?  Take it as a bunch of lovely girls having a good time and not as a cry to log onto the first anorexia website you can find, please!


Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Yesterday I had the day off, so since it was a winter wonderland outside I took the time to lay on the couch and watch Bravo.   Onto the tunes.......

1. Val Cmerkovskiy-White Boy Boogie
OK hear me out, I've been in love with all things Val Chmerkovskiy for a while now because of the work hard, be the best attitude he has had on on Dancing with the Stars for years.  I caught the replay of him with his older brother Maks on The View last week and they called him out for this song.  Well I investigated and went around the rest of the day singing "do the white boy boogie".  Y'all, did you know he's not just an amazing dancer but he's also a musician, plays the violin and designs clothes?  Add all that up into this sexy package and I'm sold.  If nothing else this song is fun and makes you want his dog.....

2. David Nail- Whatever She's Got
A good ole country song about a dude just in love with his girl, sigh.  This dudes voice is piercing, and this song is so simple, but we all love the message.    I'm a sucker for a simple, fun country song about  guy who just loves his girl, add in a line about a mood ring and I'm sold.
4.  Gavin DeGraw-Sweeter
I've loved Gavin DeGraw since I heard "I don't wanna be" a million years ago.  He a fantastic songwriter who doesn't get enough credit in my opinion.  This song has this hard bass line throughout and this mix of rock and classic Gavin DeGraw feel that I'm hooked. This song also just has this hot, sexy message that makes me want to dance on tables. The lyric "I really like you, but I can't be friends, not with these hands of mine" just is the hottest thing.....
5. One Direction-Alive
I know, I know, I have issues, but this song is AMAZING!  This is track 17 on the deluxe edition of the album, and if this song isn't on the regular CD GO BUY IT.  You want a feel good song that will have you dancing and feeling good, this is your song.  "We've got to live before we get older" is probably my tag line for the next few years.  And my guys SLAYED on SNL this weekend...

Monday, December 9, 2013

My Commandments

Switched up the look of the blog a tad, and I kinda love it.  Hope everyone had a good weekend, I did the usual NYC trip for my big sister's bday, and laid around all day Sunday.  It was HEAVEN, especially since Sunday it decided to snow like no other outside.

So I was organizing and decorating for Christmas yesterday when I realized I was in a routine of my Sunday, and there are just things I live by and always do, so light bulb, there's my own commandments for my life.

1. No makeup day-Once a week, usually Sundays, I have a no make-up rule.  I usually don't leave the house without something on my face, but one day a week I let my skin just breathe, usually it's my Sunday but at least 1 day.

2. Nothing makes you more put together than when you are groomed properly-if you are feeling blah or  you feel gross, it's usually due to the fact that you are not groomed properly.  I'm talking when my roots are growing in, my hair is outta control, my eyebrows are a mess or I haven't shaved my legs.  I have an issue with body hair in general, it makes me grossed out, so if I haven't shaved my legs or neglected my eyebrows I just feel like an unmade bed, which is ironic since I don't make my bed.
3. Wear clothes that fit, not that are in fashion-to me nothing is worse than when people wear clothes they obviously shouldn't be wearing, nothing looks cheaper.  I myself not a size 2-4 (duh) but I love clothes and fashion so it is important for me to understand what fits.  I know some trends are cool but if they don't look good on me or I can't fine any that fit properly I opt out.  I bought these fantastic harem pants, but on me they look like MC Hammer, luckily they only cost me $12 so they are my new lounge pants.

3. Music can either set a mood or break a mood-if you read this at all you know I'm a music freak and I'm a big believer that music can dictate a mood.  I plan my music out for parts of my day, I pick my alarm song to wake me up well, I have a playlist for getting ready in the morning, going out at night and working out.  I know when certain songs come on they are just going to bring me down a level (I'm looking at you Coldplay) or pump me up completely.
4. Choosing what makes you happy-too much of the time we just roll it whatever is going on without realizing we can choose to change things and be better.  I hate, hate, hate waking up in the morning, more than probably anyone, but I know when I wake up, I go to work, and I can pay my mortgage, therefore I choose to be happy, usually after coffee.
5. Saying what you are feeling is the best way to be-I have this problem with being unedited, unfiltered and usually pretty freaking blunt.  Some people it rubs the wrong way, other people love me for it.  I would rather blurt out what I am feeling or say what is on my mind then filter myself and become someone I am not.  It may be offensive sometimes and unintentionally rude, but I usually don't mean for it to be, it just rolls outta my mouth.

6. Leaving the house without any jewelry on is unacceptable-for me I feel like I'm naked if I leave the house without any jewelery on.  Why wouldn't you want a little sparkle in your day, and nothing completely makes an outfit like accessories.
7. Having passion and being passionate about what you love is the only way to live-People always give me shit for getting too into a sport game, I'm the one who paces, yells, occasionally throws things, and panics 100% about or during a sports game.  To me it's normal and it's because my feeling are that intense.  I am passionate about my family, no one means more and if you screw with them I was screw with you.  That feeling you get straight in your gut is important, don't try to smother it, let it out, it usually only happens with good results.

9. Nothing will make your skin breakout easier than cheap make-up-OK this may not be a rule for everyone and if you are one of those people who can wear drugstore make-up without immediately breaking out I hate you.  For me, I have always had to wear good make-up because if I don't my skin wages a war against me that sucks to fight.  The only thing I can get away with skimping on is mascara and even then I usually regret it.

10. Being a good friend means listening-I have been more than blessed in life to have friends that last forever, I think a huge reason for that is because I listen to them.  A lot of the time people are trying to communicate something to you but we are moving too fast in life that we don't listen to them.  I love listening to my friend's stories and problems, not only to try to help but I also learn so much.  I have learned how to deal with my own life and problems from listening to how my friends have.


Thursday, December 5, 2013

Say Cheese.....

Ok so I had a cooking adventure last night and I have to share because it turned out amazing!!!  I caught this video a while ago with the lovely Blake Lively:

I altered it slightly by using crescent rolls and I used sun dried tomatoes bruschetta instead of apricot jam because I'm more of a savory person than a sweet one.

Y'all it was AWESOME!  Next time I have a get together or am going to a dinner party with friends I'm totally making this for them.

OK so for my One Direction treadmill workout, I breakdown the whole Midnight Memories CD into up tempo and slow/mid tempo songs.  Now I got the deluxe version of the CD so mine is 18 tracks instead of whatever the usual one was but I'll break it down:

1. Best Song Ever-sprint/run hard

2. Story of My Life-you pick, run or slow jog however you feel about the song

3. Diana-sprint/run hard

4. Midnight Memories-Sprint/run hard

5. You & I-slow jog/walk

6. Don't Forget Where You Belong-slow jog/walk

7. Strong-run hard/sprint (song's called Strong people)

8. Happily-sprint/run hard

9. Right Now-slow jog/walk

10. Little Black Dress-sprint/run hard

11. Through the Dark-your choice, it has a good tempo for a hard run however

12. Something Great-slow job/walk

13. Little White Lies-sprint/run hard

14. Better Than Words-RUN, love this one

15. Why Don't We Go There-sprint/hard run

16. Does He Know?-sprint/hard run

17. Alive-RUN, you will want to with this song!

18. Half a Heart-slow jog/walk

I did this and got around 5 1/2 miles in, it's a quick workout, put the iPod on shuffle and see what happens.


Wednesday, December 4, 2013

And we danced all night...

This crazy, awesome thing happened yesterday, CBK got me and her tickets to the One Direction concert.  I wish I could tell you I was productive and got work done after that, but I didn't, but I did go to the gym and get in 5 miles (new treadmill workout to the new One Direction CD to come) which is a personal best since the half marathon.

So it's time to celebrate and this is what CBK and I will be doing on October 1st next year

While our boys will be doing this:

Alright that last one is for my benefit.....