Monday, December 9, 2013

My Commandments

Switched up the look of the blog a tad, and I kinda love it.  Hope everyone had a good weekend, I did the usual NYC trip for my big sister's bday, and laid around all day Sunday.  It was HEAVEN, especially since Sunday it decided to snow like no other outside.

So I was organizing and decorating for Christmas yesterday when I realized I was in a routine of my Sunday, and there are just things I live by and always do, so light bulb, there's my own commandments for my life.

1. No makeup day-Once a week, usually Sundays, I have a no make-up rule.  I usually don't leave the house without something on my face, but one day a week I let my skin just breathe, usually it's my Sunday but at least 1 day.

2. Nothing makes you more put together than when you are groomed properly-if you are feeling blah or  you feel gross, it's usually due to the fact that you are not groomed properly.  I'm talking when my roots are growing in, my hair is outta control, my eyebrows are a mess or I haven't shaved my legs.  I have an issue with body hair in general, it makes me grossed out, so if I haven't shaved my legs or neglected my eyebrows I just feel like an unmade bed, which is ironic since I don't make my bed.
3. Wear clothes that fit, not that are in fashion-to me nothing is worse than when people wear clothes they obviously shouldn't be wearing, nothing looks cheaper.  I myself not a size 2-4 (duh) but I love clothes and fashion so it is important for me to understand what fits.  I know some trends are cool but if they don't look good on me or I can't fine any that fit properly I opt out.  I bought these fantastic harem pants, but on me they look like MC Hammer, luckily they only cost me $12 so they are my new lounge pants.

3. Music can either set a mood or break a mood-if you read this at all you know I'm a music freak and I'm a big believer that music can dictate a mood.  I plan my music out for parts of my day, I pick my alarm song to wake me up well, I have a playlist for getting ready in the morning, going out at night and working out.  I know when certain songs come on they are just going to bring me down a level (I'm looking at you Coldplay) or pump me up completely.
4. Choosing what makes you happy-too much of the time we just roll it whatever is going on without realizing we can choose to change things and be better.  I hate, hate, hate waking up in the morning, more than probably anyone, but I know when I wake up, I go to work, and I can pay my mortgage, therefore I choose to be happy, usually after coffee.
5. Saying what you are feeling is the best way to be-I have this problem with being unedited, unfiltered and usually pretty freaking blunt.  Some people it rubs the wrong way, other people love me for it.  I would rather blurt out what I am feeling or say what is on my mind then filter myself and become someone I am not.  It may be offensive sometimes and unintentionally rude, but I usually don't mean for it to be, it just rolls outta my mouth.

6. Leaving the house without any jewelry on is unacceptable-for me I feel like I'm naked if I leave the house without any jewelery on.  Why wouldn't you want a little sparkle in your day, and nothing completely makes an outfit like accessories.
7. Having passion and being passionate about what you love is the only way to live-People always give me shit for getting too into a sport game, I'm the one who paces, yells, occasionally throws things, and panics 100% about or during a sports game.  To me it's normal and it's because my feeling are that intense.  I am passionate about my family, no one means more and if you screw with them I was screw with you.  That feeling you get straight in your gut is important, don't try to smother it, let it out, it usually only happens with good results.

9. Nothing will make your skin breakout easier than cheap make-up-OK this may not be a rule for everyone and if you are one of those people who can wear drugstore make-up without immediately breaking out I hate you.  For me, I have always had to wear good make-up because if I don't my skin wages a war against me that sucks to fight.  The only thing I can get away with skimping on is mascara and even then I usually regret it.

10. Being a good friend means listening-I have been more than blessed in life to have friends that last forever, I think a huge reason for that is because I listen to them.  A lot of the time people are trying to communicate something to you but we are moving too fast in life that we don't listen to them.  I love listening to my friend's stories and problems, not only to try to help but I also learn so much.  I have learned how to deal with my own life and problems from listening to how my friends have.


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