Monday, June 29, 2015

Welcome to New York

Let's recap my Saturday everyone.

6:30 AM: Mom comes into the guest room where I'm pretty sure I sweat off 5lbs due to the heat in her house and wakes me up.  Wonder why we stayed up until 11:30pm drinking all the wine and talking all the talk with her fiancĂ©.

6:35 AM: Mom comes back in to remind me she woke me up, in case I forgot.

6:45 AM: Mom offers to bring me coffee while I put on my makeup, because she knows how it's either that or deal with me growling at her until I get coffee.

7:20 AM: Get onto the bus and shimmy our way into our seats due to the two complete idiots in from of us who have used their reclining seats function liberally.

7:35 AM: Change seats to the section diagonally behind us or else deal with mom punching the seats in front of us for 3 hours and a possible bus brawl.

8:30 AM: Hear the lady across from us cough up a lung, then glance over to see her pull out a large freezer Ziploc bag and puke in it.

8:33 AM: Watch the puking lady Ziploc her bag and place it in the area in front of her seat, then close her eyes and start to snore.

9:00 AM: Mom gets her glasses out for the 100 time to stalk someone on Facebook with me, while lady across from us reaches for the puke Ziploc bag.

9:15 AM: Puke lady goes back at it for a few minutes, loudly, then returns the Ziploc to her front area, then pulls out her cell phone and starts giving someone directions in German.

10:00 AM: Puke lady goes to the bathroom, then returns to retrieve her puke bag to fill it up some more for one final time.

10:30 AM: Walk through the doors of Macy's, not even realizing that was the last fresh air I would have for almost 5 hours.

10:35 AM: Starbucks, large Starbucks.

10:45 AM: Walk into the Bridal Salon at Macy's and immediately have my Starbucks plucked away.  She lived, barely.

11:30 AM: Mom finds a dress, while I sit and watch people I've only seen before on Jerseylicious reenact a scene from "Say Yes to the Dress".

12:35 PM: Mom finds another dress, I stare at a tiara that retails for $3840 wondering the purpose of my existence without my Starbucks. Also, I probably need that tiara for my birthday.

1:30 PM: Walking out of the bridal salon promising I'm never getting married, or if I do it will involve Elvis.

2:30 PM: Mom begs the lovely man directing traffic at the escalators to direct her toward a restaurant with a bar before I kill someone.

2:40 PM: My butt barely hits the bar stool before I order a Bloody Mary from the bartender with a twinkle in his eye and promise him a place in heaven.

3:00 PM: Wander through the bedding department and wonder if anyone would really find me if I slipped under the last set of down comforters.

3:30 PM: Mom goes off to find presents for the little kids we love while I find a Trenta iced coffee and a seat next to an outlet to charge my phone and pass out. 

4:30 PM: What is that thing up there, is that the sky?  What year is it? Who is the president? Where am I?

4:45 PM: Sephora, I remember you old friend.  I wonder if I can wedding dress shopping guilt mom into buying me that lipstick Joynes wanted me to try?

4:50 PM: Yes, yes I can.


6:30 PM: Good wine, oh hello bus, I wonder how Ziploc puke lady enjoyed her day.

6:35 PM: Puke lady must have decided to stay, well at least we get to shove our knees into the seats in front of us so those jackasses don't end up in my lap again.

7:35 PM: I thought this Exodus movie the bus driver was playing was a family friendly movie, but Christian Bale is not family friendly.

9:00 PM: I need to go to church, mixing Moses and Noah up reflects badly.  That movie would've been better with Emma Watson.  

9:45 PM: Realize I only took pictures of alcohol with my phone while my camera sat sadly in my bag all day, bad blogger.

10:30 PM: Goodbye bus of hell, hello my car, goodbye mommy.

10:45 PM: (face slams into bed)

11:00 PM: Ew, New York body needs a shower.

11:10 PM: (face slams into bed) Goodbye Scarecrow, I will miss you most of all.


Friday, June 26, 2015

Old Blue Chair

This is the time of year I'm usually lying on the beach or by a pool with my family pretending the rest of the world doesn't exist.  I usually do this in Charleston, South Carolina.

I have been going to Charleston for almost 20 years in the summertime, and I can tell you right now I'm missing it something fierce.  There is nothing like the pastel architecture, the southern hospitality, the food, and the people.

This year with the weddings, yep plural, the family isn't taking a vacation.  With so much happening I understand, but it doesn't make me miss the Low Country any less.

So much of my childhood is down there, exploring the beaches, stores, and areas. It's an absolutely beautiful city, with so much to offer anyone who stops in.  The people could not be lovelier, and the atmosphere looks like something out of a novel.

One tragedy doesn't change my opinion, it strengthens it.  I love that city, I love what it's given me and what it will continue to give anyone who wanders through.

So Charleston, I'll see you next year.


Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Sunshine, Tanlines

I've found myself in a bit of a rut lately.  All black everything with my favorite statement baubles.

It's summer for Christ sake, it's pattern time.

I have been totally guilty of being  boring with sunglasses.  Three pairs of Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses run my life.  They always look fab, they're classic, and they're versatile.

Maybe it's because I spent my high school days trying to be Mary-Kate and Ashley with my sunglasses that I feel the need to stick to a classic.

First rule of summer, step outside your comfort zone, where do you think the term "summer fling" came from?

OK fine I threw a pair of mirrored aviators in there just for a comfort blanket, but I don't have a pair of gold ones.


Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Link Love

I'm not afraid to admit I have a full on girl crush on Gigi Hadid.  I mean how can you not?  Her style is ridiculous and she's that perfect California girl who is killing it in high fashion.  She's the basis of my summer style inspiration.

If you are lacking a summer vacation, like me, hop on over to The Londoner and live through Rosie's Australian adventure.  Her last few posts have me wanderlust.

Feeling like Morticia Adams lately with my color choices, so I'm turning to a classic favorite to throw some paint on the canvas.  Picked up this guy from Talbots yesterday, among other things.  

I don't know what is more fab about this, the brow game Caitlyn Jenner is rocking or Kanye looking happy.

Charleston has been a place I've called home almost every summer since I can remember.  The recent tragedy is devastating and my heart goes out to the Holy City.  Annie did a fantastic post on the strength this southern landmark has. #CharlestonStrong

This Baublebar necklace just does things to me.

Happy Tori Kelly album release day! Just do it, buy the damn album, she's ridiculous.


Monday, June 22, 2015

Back Again

OK, school break is on, and that means I'm getting my blog game back.

Stronger, faster, more interesting.

OK, probably just stronger and faster.

No surprise I'm starting the week with a song, music gives me inspiration like no other. Kelsey Ballerini's album fills that country girl void that TSwifty left when she jumped into the pop world.

Trust me, download Sirens.


Monday, June 15, 2015

They Are the Hunters

I saw Taylor Swift this weekend.

You guys.

It was the closest thing to church I've been to in a long time, if your church resembles a middle school sleepover.

It was wall to wall sparkling little girls with signs with lights.  There were costumes I had to spend a lot of time explaining to my mom. I saw choreographed dances to each song, I saw screaming, I saw a grandmother with a walker singing every word.

This is what Taylor Swift does to us.  She makes it impossible to not be drawn in to the feelings, the feelings we all have at some point.

She sparkled, danced her butt off, and brought Olivia Benson. The person, not her cat.

It was perfection, and I had no voice today.  If you can, go immediately!

Oh, I was SCREAMING to this song.


Thursday, June 11, 2015


It's much harder to find someone that you like, want to talk to than it is to find a man you want to sleep with.

Sometimes you're just looking to be pushed, for motivation and a spark to get you back on your game.  Mindy Kaling always does it to me.  She's a BOSS in every sense of the word, and so smart that it moves you to be better.

She gives such a voice to women, and single women.  She has an unapologetic, straight forward approach to life, but is sweet and funny at the same time.

She expresses the difficulty of being a woman who is single in her early 30's, which is something that is nice to hear, since most of the people our age are married and having kids.

I just needed to hear this, this level of power in a woman that you feel, but sometimes feel like you shouldn't.

It's strange to be so OK with being alone and being me, I feel like I should be lonely and online dating.  I'd rather drink my beer and go out with my friends, and there is nothing wrong with that.

There will always be boys, but the experiences you have with yourself are sometimes the ones that you will never forget.


Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Link Love

Hopefully everyone had a more productive weekend than me.  I spent it staring at a computer screen wishing and praying that my paper for school would abracadabra it's ass onto the screen.  

Spoiler alert: that didn't happen.

Full on obsessed with making breakfast a real thing with these guys.

One of my favorite bloggers Hallie is getting ready for a new adventure.  I can't wait to follow!

This Sheryl Sandberg piece on grief illustrated so many feelings, and she's 30 days into it.  

Yep, going to need to it now.

It's no secret I bow down to Mary's style, this white ensemble as me running to the closet to see if I can recreate.

This cover is EVERYTHING. Trust and believe, he makes everything better.


Thursday, June 4, 2015

If I Knew What I Was Doing

10 years ago I graduated high school. 

I'm sorry I just had a mild panic attack typing that, I'm OK now.

There are so many things I wish I knew and so many things I wish I would have appreciated.  

1. Stop worrying, stop wondering if you'll ever find that happiness you had before Dad died. You do
and you will. 

2.  You won't lose touch with Catie, she's a constant and always will be.

3. Go to your 8am class, the freedom isn't as cool when your professor forgets your name and you
barely pass the exams because you're too hungover.

4. None of the friends you made in college will be your friends in 2 years. Stop trying to dedicate your time to pleasing them, shit hits the fan.

5. Wine in a box is an investment in your future.

6. Your mom won't marry anyone until it's the right one. Don't worry she knows how to pick them.

7. Your sister will be fine, she will figure out what she is perfect at in life and stick with it. 

8. Go to the gym more, stop eating McDonald's at 2am.

9. Don't play quarters with Rikaoff, it doesn't turn out well.  Ever.

10. Let your mom give you the first aid kit when you move into college. Trust me you will take too many shots of Bacardi one night and appreciate it.


Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Lady in the Streets

For me, summer is about statements.

Everything looks better because you're tan with salt in your hair.

The easiest thing for a hot summer night is something black, because who wants to be visibly sweating, ever?  

My advise: have a go to black dress or shirt and grab some gorgeous baubles.

Jewelry is the easiest way to dress up an outfit, and in the summer add a pop of color for your tan.

Now I actually  have to go outside in the sun and practice what I preach.


P.S. The cuff is All The Wire coordinate cuff, and I've already ordered mine.  You won't find a better stackable personalized cuff for the price. I promise, since I own basically one of almost everything they make.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Blogger fail

I've epically neglected my little part of the world with this blog lately.

I'm sorry, I was busy, I was overwhelmed, I was exhausted.

Forgive me?

Cool.  I promise to be better, and to have more soon.

For this Monday, one of my favorite Ed Sheeran covers, OK fine, they're all my favorite.