Friday, August 29, 2014

Comfortable is Dangerous

I think comfort is a double edged sword.  I think it's like a warm blanket or like a bad habit.  Lately I feel like it's becoming a bad habit.  I work, come home, eat, sleep, repeat.  

Something has got to give. 

 Changes are what leads you down the path you are meant to be on.  If you're not changing you're not evolving.

Now it's time to put my money where my mouth is.  Stay tuned.


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Like It's Goin Outta Style

Have y'all noticed that Old Navy has stepped their game up this year?  No more graphic t-shirts with their logo or generic looking styles and enter the world of fashion.  I've noticed a ton of fashion bloggers have picked up on this too and now I can't walk out of the store without something.  Everything is so current and fresh and there's so much!

So for my birthday I asked my lovely sister for a gift card to indulge my Old Navy trigger finger and she and her lovely fiance obliged.  These are just a few of the things on my wish list, but believe me narrowing it down to 7 items was exhausting.


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Cake Cake Cake Cake

Today I'm 28.  There's  no Taylor Swift song about being 28, mainly because she's not 28 yet, but whatever. 

 I've celebrated my birthday in some very mature ways in the past like case races (25), bar crawls at the beach (27) and being ushered out of my town bar after a long time spent in the bathroom becoming reacquainted withe shots I had taken an hour before (24).

I'm excited about 28, I'm pumped I get another year to become my best self and I have a lot planned for this year.  Mostly to dance and hustle more.


Monday, August 25, 2014

I Want My MTV

Remember the good old days when NSYNC wore matching outfits, Christina had her thong straps showing over her skirt and Eminem started a bleach revolution?  Well this is not our MTV anymore, but this show was pretty damn good.  I loved seeing Taylor Swift bring the house down, Sam Smith rock with just a piano and his voice, and Beyonce being the queen of the world!

Now the clothes.  So the VMA's are all about the unpredictable, shocking fashion.  Through all the skin and flash there were a few favorites.

Nina Dobrev kills every red carpet she's on, every time.

I didn't realize how much I missed Gwen Stefani in my life.   I was kind of over the red lip and platinum look but she makes this pink jumpsuit fun.

Kendall looks flawless and classic.

I love any girl bold enough to wear a print on a red carpet.  This look is young and fun enough for the VMA's but the print is fashion.

Black jumpsuit, huge statement necklace, lots of eyeliner.  Duh!


Friday, August 22, 2014

Always the Bridesmaid


So a couple of the most important people in my life (heyy Dack and C!) have gotten engaged lately.  This leaves me on the search for the perfect engagement gift.  Through my search I either found things completely ridiculous or woman focused.  There are a couple that I love and I think would work for any couple.

1. His and her coffee spoons is the cutest idea to me.  My sister and C are coffee lunatics so this is an adorable idea.

2. Monogrammed wine glasses are always a classic choice.  These Pottery Barn guys are a little expensive, but it's a cute idea for a couple.

3. Now y'all know my love for everything ABD.  Her mugs are my every weekend go-to and take center stage on many of my Instagrams, and of course she has the perfect engagement gift.  One, if not both of my girls will be getting these cuties.

4. This is a his and her ring dish.  Now my sister has been know to lose good jewelry,  so this would be a front and center reminder and safe place for her to store her rock when she's at work helping the sick people of the world.

5.  One of my oldest best friends also happens to be a very talented calligrapher.  I am for sure purchasing her address stamp for a gift.  I own one myself and feel fancy every time I put that lovely thing on my mortgage payments.  What girl doesn't want to see that "Mr & Mrs." every time she pays a bill?


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

If I Were a Bar


I have a love for all vintage things, especially anything that has to do with a good bar.  My kitchen holds some vintage prints already, one being a "Prohibition Ends At Last" print framed.  When a rep from Charish contacted me to put together a style board of my dream bar I jumped.

I was going for a Downton Abbey feel to go with those pieces I already have.  

1. This wallpaper contains a few of my favorite things: red and floral.  Slap this on the wall and it would immediately dress up a room and include some of the girl in me along with the stronger pieces.

2. The key essential pieces of a good bar stool is a strong back and comfortable material.  I want my friends to never want to move, so instead of leaning on the bar I want a back to support them after I make them too many margaritas.

3. OK this one was a no brainer.  Prada, me, bar, yes.  I would give this tray a very happy home.

4. Couldn't you just picture Mr. Carson using this wine screw?  Since I try to make opening wine as easy as possible, I would use this to hold down my cocktail napkins.

5. These vintage pharmaceutical jars would be perfect to fill up with different liquors and display on a self against the back wall of the bar.  Something cute and different, and only I would know the actual ingredients.  So when I tell someone I want a double iodine with lime, it's really just tequila.

6.  This vintage mirror is perfection to go on the back wall.  It will make the room look larger than it is, and I can make sure no one is pouring extra shots into my drink.

Isn't it tough yet feminine? Who needs a man cave?  As a single woman I want a woman cave where I can entertain and feel like one of those sparkly girls in a Speakeasy too!

Chairish is a online consignment retailer for exceptional vintage home goods, go check it out and get inspired by the rare things they have!


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Play Play Play Play Play

Now there was a long time when I was buying what TSwifty was selling.  She's too pretty, too perfect, too young.  I was quickly converted and have been on the bandwagon ever since.  

She just makes everything make sense doesn't she?  I'm almost 28 (a week away! ugh) and her songs make me jump up and down with joy or ponder my past boy decisions.  

I love this song, it's happy, cheesy, and catchy as hell.  If this doesn't brighten your week you're dead.


Monday, August 18, 2014

Black and Yellow

This past weekend I took my favorite road trip, the one to Pittsburgh.  This was only home to me for a few years, but my ties to the city are still strong.  My mom lived there for 40 years of her life, and the light in her eyes is never as bright as when she turns the curve and sees that city skyline in front of her.

We explored a few of our old favorite places, did some day drinking and headed back to the hotel for a nap before heading to the football game.  Preseason football games are a bit more relaxing and calmer than regular season.   Every one is tan and wearing shorts still, and the sun is constant.  

Nothing makes me wish for fall more than football season.  I've never been so content with a summer coming to an end in my life.  I keep telling myself that it's for the beautiful weather and cooler temperatures and not for the pumpkin spice lattes and boots, but I'd be lying.


Thursday, August 14, 2014

Catchin Our Second Wind

When my girl CBK was in town she referenced me to this guy, Sam Hunt. Gorgeous, country, catchy song, but she knew I would love him because he's a singer/songwriter.  He's written some of my favorite country songs like "Cop Car" and "We Are Tonight".  He's also a former college football player.  Yes, it's love.


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Wednesday Wishes


1. I have yet to hang a single picture in my bedroom and I've lived in my house for 2 years now.  I just haven't found anything that I have to have yet.  This may be the type of feel I get in my bedroom and just have a wall of prints with my favorite sayings.

2. I am obsessed with this Top Shop print, especially as a skirt.  I want to wear this with a huge chunky sweater, booties and armfuls of gold bracelets.

3.  Is anyone getting Christmas Day like excitement about the September issues of our favorite fashion mags?  This documentary is one of my favorites because of my love of Anna Wintour and I know I'm watching the mailbox for my September Vogue.

4. Ellie is my hair crush.  I want that long, blond, rocker hair so bad.  I'm working on growing my hair out for my sister's wedding next year and this is my goal.

5. I literally found myself staring longingly at a plaid flannel shirt during my lunch break in Target the other day.  Is it fall yet?!  And these boots are kind of kick ass too.


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Love in a Hopeless Place

Every year my little town hosts the Maryland State BBQ bash.  Now I'm not a BBQ fan really, but I live very close to this shindig so it's hard to miss.  This year my best friend Ker and I volunteered to work the beer garden for a few hours, because nothing is more fun than seeing people get drunk during the day out in public.

Now after our shift we wandered around, taking in the sights and smells.  Someone in the beer garden was holding this mason jar of BBQ goodness and I was desperate to find this beauty.

I don't actually know what this wheel was for but it was huge so it needed a picture.

Everywhere you looked there was meat being thrown on the grill, people with huge smiles, and in the background some announcer giving away trophies.

Then I spotted her.

No not her, I don't know who this lovely lady is.

There she is!

For $10 I got handed this lovely layered goodness in a mason jar.  It was glorious layers of coleslaw, baked beans and pork BBQ (I think).

I made my way through half of it before I threw in the towel, cleaned it out and stuck the jar into my bag and walked it off.

Having seen all I think I could see I made my way home.  There's always next year.....


Monday, August 11, 2014

Back Up Off Me Bro

It's Shark Week Bro!  I'm officially afraid to go into any type of water.  LOVE IT!


Thursday, August 7, 2014

First World Problem

OK y'all, real talk,  I'm afraid to get in front of my own camera.  I bought the little bugger in efforts to incorporate some style posts in this little online diary I have going, but I'm literally terrified.

I love looking at fashion inspiration on blogs and Instagram, but then I'm paralyzed with fear.

I'm not that cute.

My outfit isn't that original.

I'm not a size 2, honey I'm not a size 6.

My hair never looks that good.

These are all thoughts that circulate in my head while I'm enjoying my favorite blogs.  I need to man up and pull the trigger.  I love style and fashion and I need to share my love, right?

Ugh, OK I'll think about it.

Admitting the problem is the first step right?


Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Wednesday Wishes


1. My fave girl Tori Gonzales did a collection of tshirts for Tumbleweed Texstyles.  Now I love Willie Nelson so this beauty went to the top of the list.

2. Cheryl Cole's single Crazy Stupid Love has been out in the UK for almost a month now and I still cannot find the single to import! It's driving me cray!

3. If I could find these Nike shoes I'd be complete.  Totally kidding...sorta.

4. This ASOS dress is just perfection to me.  This color being a mix of pink and violet with the black offsets is stunning!

5. These Tory Burch booties are exactly the look I am hunting for to add to my collection for the fall.  I have a great pair of biker booties but I want something suede and light brown for a softer edge.  

Fun fact: booties/boots are the  only heels I can walk in successfully.  

I totally just jinxed myself didn't I?


Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Engagement Celebrations, Maryland Style

It was time for our monthly family dinner with my loves, and to celebrate my sister's engagement my Mom's boyfriend decided to take us out to celebrate as Marylanders do:

Crabs and beer baby, crabs and beer.

The happy couple. 

The other happy couple.

I have been coming to this crab deck for 20 years now.  My dad found it when we moved to the area and we've been loyal patrons ever since.  It seemed only fitting that this was the place to celebrate.

I mean come on.....

I may have mentioned that if anything happens to my sister tragically I would give this sucker a happy home.

And that guy on the right is my new brother!  That fabulous lady in the back with the green headband is not included.

I've never seen my sister so happy, he's absolutely the right guy, and let the wedding madness begin!


Monday, August 4, 2014

What Doesn't Kill You

So the best thing happened Friday, I got into grad school.  I've wanted to take this step for a while and it was so amazing to finally have in my hand. 

As quickly as the excitement set in the sheer panic of the cost set in and I spent the majority of Saturday in a full sobbing marathon.   How can I pay for this, and all my bills, and my mortgage, and have a life?  I love being an independent woman but sometimes doing everything on your own smacks you in the face.

After a good talk (cough cry cough) to my mom on Sunday I was assured that everything will actually be OK.  I am taking steps to push myself and I am not doing anything that I would ever regret. 

Life isn't easy or a free ride, but the best feeling is overcoming one goal and moving onto the next.


Friday, August 1, 2014

Flashback Friday

Last Friday when CBK was in town we took a little tour of the Inner Harbor and I was just thrilled that I FINALLY found someone to go to the Aquarium with me.

Hey bro

How long does it take two over-twenty year old girls to find the jelly fish exhibit? Too long.

First stop: Baltimore, next stop: ATL and One Direction.