Wednesday, August 20, 2014

If I Were a Bar


I have a love for all vintage things, especially anything that has to do with a good bar.  My kitchen holds some vintage prints already, one being a "Prohibition Ends At Last" print framed.  When a rep from Charish contacted me to put together a style board of my dream bar I jumped.

I was going for a Downton Abbey feel to go with those pieces I already have.  

1. This wallpaper contains a few of my favorite things: red and floral.  Slap this on the wall and it would immediately dress up a room and include some of the girl in me along with the stronger pieces.

2. The key essential pieces of a good bar stool is a strong back and comfortable material.  I want my friends to never want to move, so instead of leaning on the bar I want a back to support them after I make them too many margaritas.

3. OK this one was a no brainer.  Prada, me, bar, yes.  I would give this tray a very happy home.

4. Couldn't you just picture Mr. Carson using this wine screw?  Since I try to make opening wine as easy as possible, I would use this to hold down my cocktail napkins.

5. These vintage pharmaceutical jars would be perfect to fill up with different liquors and display on a self against the back wall of the bar.  Something cute and different, and only I would know the actual ingredients.  So when I tell someone I want a double iodine with lime, it's really just tequila.

6.  This vintage mirror is perfection to go on the back wall.  It will make the room look larger than it is, and I can make sure no one is pouring extra shots into my drink.

Isn't it tough yet feminine? Who needs a man cave?  As a single woman I want a woman cave where I can entertain and feel like one of those sparkly girls in a Speakeasy too!

Chairish is a online consignment retailer for exceptional vintage home goods, go check it out and get inspired by the rare things they have!


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