Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanks to you...

Hello world it's been quite a while, I'd love to say a ton has happened but it's me we're talking about.

I have always love, love, loved Thanksgiving, there are no gift expectations, everyone makes good food and you get to be lazy.  This year I have decided to be sober until December 8th weekend, self imposed sobriety stemming from a night in the city which was a little out of control for me.  Whenever you wake up and have to apologize it's not a great thing.  Wednesday night I went out with my closest friends to a local place, watched them be drunk messes and had an all around good time.

Thanksgiving was nice since my sister is a nurse and does not get to spend it with us often, she was home and we had a great dinner.  My mom woke me up at 3:45 am on Black Friday to go shopping, yep she's batshit crazy, but I love her.  Now a quick trip to Victoria Secret (for me) and Coach (for mom), I was basically done with my Christmas shopping. My sister is the worst person to shop with, unless it's for her, so we ran around the mall until around 10am when we finally came home.

I basically spent the rest of the weekend doing what I usually do, hanging out with my couch and my friends.

Now we're finalizing New Years eve plans and I've decided I'm not making resolutions this year, I am making a bucket list to get me out of my comfort zone, beware it's pretty shallow:

1. Make more money (either via raise or even another job)
2. Change my hair up (either by color or cut, probably cut since being blonde makes me happy)
3. Start dressing like I want to rather then how I think I should (more options, hence making more money)
4. Kiss more boys that aren't "my type" (aka don't judge, just do, hell I'm still single why not)
5. Be a classier drinker (aka start drinking like an old man, think bourbon and good wine)
6. Go on more adventures (try more day trips, find cute places to do dinner and drinks)
7. Be less hermit-like (I love living alone but I need to make more of an effort to invite people into my home)
8. Be nicer (I'll try)
9. Figure out what I really want (Seriously I have no clue)
10. Travel somewhere not for work by myself (hello Cali)


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Taking a minute to smell the roses....

Why helllllllo bloggers,  I've been MIA for a while, busy life lately.  I've had a hard time getting myself to sit down and actually blog lately with how busy I've been at work and at play.

So half-marathon training came to a head the other day, finished my first half-marathon and I have a few takeaways to share with the group:

1. Know thy course-take a look at the route you are running before you actually run it, it will help with training, if I would've known my marathon would go through every hill they could find in Baltimore I would've been running hills more then I was and not dying

2. Make sure you do not wear something new-I rocked a new UA shirt I bought the night before and I was basically uncomfortable the whole run, I should have stuck with my routine outfit for running so there wouldn't be anything distracting

3. Run in similar conditions as the actual marathon is going to be-my run was at 10ish AM, 10AM in October is COLDDDD people, I am not a morning runner but I would've been less shocked by the cold had I run more often in the morning

4. Build a playlist that will keep you going-I was running for months in advance and I knew which songs in my Ipod would push me and which songs I'd be scrambling for the skip button, believe me after 8 miles music and the people around you are the only things keeping you going, which brings me to......

5. Run with a POSITIVE buddy-when you are pushing your body to a point and you are doing something pretty extreme you need to be doing it with someone who you enjoy and pushes you right back, I ran with someone I am not a huge fan of and she basically bitched the entire time and did nothing to make the experience more pleasant, it's hard to push yourself when you have someone holding you back

Now the half-marathon is like child labor I imagine, you forget how terrible it is afterward that you think you want to do it again, and I probably will, it was a cool experience even though my feet are so banged up I can barely walk.  Checking something like that off my bucket list was a great feeling and I have the medal to show it.

And yes I took off of work today because my hair was a mess and it was too late to do anything with it, sometimes we all need a day off.....


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Single Smingle

Alright, so let the record state I am not a boyfriend girl,  I've never really thought I needed one, I've only really dealt with the dudes I have been "official" with.  To me I'd rather have great friends because I have seen people make all those fantastic memories with a person, then go through a whole terrible or even not terrible break up and then they lose everything with that person.  With friends you don't lose those memories, and you feel the same when you recall said memories.

I also haven't met many people I am willing to answer to, I am fiercely independent and don't care to explain myself to people, even my own family, I do my own thing.

Diatribe aside, my best friend notified me the other day it was National Singles Day or something of that nature and my first thought, "EWWWWWWWWWW".

Being ::cough cough:: 26 now and seeing as society has not evolved as much as I would like, I get asked about my status on a daily basis.  Now, not that I'm ashamed but it would be nice once and a while to get that giddy, "yes I have a boyfriend" thing.  Now I would never go out and grab the nearest male just to fill that void but you know once and a while it's there, usually until I realize that men are like puppies and I'm not ready for responsibility.

So having that weird sinking feeling like I was wearing a Scarlett S on my chest for single most of the day I did what most single girls do, I listened to John Mayer at work endlessly, got my hair highlighted and cut, bought sushi I can't afford, poured a huge glass of red wine and am now watching mindless TV.  Then I remember, I am now watching TV, eating sushi I can't afford and drinking wine in a house, I bough, myself, at 25.  DAMMIT I'm an independent woman!!


P.S. I solemnly swear to blog more often

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Here we got 26.....

Ok, so apparently there is a justified reason I never want to celebrate my birthday, drama seems to follow.  This year was no different.  Now don't get me wrong the very mature case race idea was fun, started without a hitch, a bunch of my favorite people in one place including my 2 oldest best friends, and plenty of beer.  I always forget the automatic anxiety attack I have whenever anyone spills anything in my house still, but I have a good poker face and drunk people always=mess.

My 2 oldest best friends and me on my Bday

The case race was fun, no one was really paying attention basically just socializing, the purple team won (not me) and then everyone was pretty buzzed to say the least. Then the drama started.  Now I have great friends but there is always one that gets bored and decides to start stuff, then my other friends jump in and it turns into me screaming at the kid in my basement.  Never fails, bday drama.  I am living the best life right now with no room for people who cause chaos so not my thing.  Then everyone had designated drivers come get them and trickled out leaving me to fight with the kid until around 4am when he finally left with a driver.

.......Then came the 2 day hangover, proving I am getting old, dammit.  Needless to say, not the best weekend of my life but I am so lucky to have the best friends a girl can ask for that make everything better.  I got some of the best birthday gifts and cards which are always a good thing.  Now it's onto my new year of being 26.

I got my mid-year review at work which went really well, I am lucky to really enjoy my job and my manager says I have a calming force on my team (what?) as well as having a lot of leadership potential.  My company really believes in me and I don't hate going to work everyday.  I also won negotiation call of the month for the 3rd month in a row, which means I earn a "work from home"day, which basically means a "sleep in and hang around my cell phone and lap top in case my manager calls" day.  Always a good thing to save for after a late night Steeler game!! (happy birthday to me!)

Speaking of which, 1 more week until STEELER season!!!! Now I already got my one championship this year with my UK Cats, but another Superbowl would not suck!!  And I think 26 only holds more good things for me!!


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

It's My Party

With my 26th Bday literally right around the corner I am having the usual Bday anxiety when I actually plan some sort of celebration.  I come from a family that enjoys throwing a party, my parents used to have parties all the time for work and I used to have some epic sleepovers back in the day.  One party my mom actually turned our garage into a "spa"(think foot baths, nail stations, face masks) and we had around 30 girls at my house.

I have never been a big planner, I really don't care and I get anxiety over if people will actually show up, and if they do if they will have fun.  Now my parties have always been successful, my last being my formal 16th Bday party, people I've never spoken to in my life were asking to come in high school, it was a good time.

Last year I didn't do anything, this year my friends and I came up with a brilliant and very mature idea: Case Race.  Now for those of you who didn't attend college or live in a dorm, a case race is when you break into teams, usually 2-4 people and whichever team finishes first wins. Basically it's a recipe for some absolute drunk fun.  So we got a bunch of people together, we have 3 teams of 4 people and a couple randoms.  My awesome friends decided we have to make some great team shirts, usually you would make these with puffy paint, my friend decided we were making Legends of the Hidden Temple (Nickelodeon flashback) with our names on the back.  The shirts rock, I promise I will take pictures.

Now we're doing it at my house, and everyone keeps asking questions: time, food, drinks, details, and that crap stresses me out.  I miss the gold old days when you had a bunch of girls, sober, and you made up dances and had talent shows.  That was a good time.  I'd almost rather have a bunch of girls over and learn this dance

I know it will all be ok, I know I worry for nothing and it's going to be so fun, but I can't help it I stress.

On the bright side I am having a fantastic bday week, I have been getting a couple of cute cards and my mom is dropping off a new surprise everyday!! 26 is definitely going to be the best year ever!!!!!


Sunday, August 12, 2012

10 for 26

Alright so my Bday is approaching at a rapid pace, I'm not a fan of getting older but we shall see how 26 goes.  I always treat Bdays like New Years and make lists or resolutions for things to do during the year, so here goes nothing

1. Travel somewhere outside of the US- this might be a little tough on the budget I am on but I would like to see if I could make this happen and expand my horizons a little, it's been a while

2. Get an electronic reader of some sort-I think it may be time to dive into the world of electronic reading book thingys, I love my books and have been scared to get into this world but I think I want to beg a loved one for one at some point.

3.  Run another half marathon-not even through my first but I think I want to see if I can get through this one, get my feet wet and start planning for the next

4. Try to get more motivated for the long term- I usually don't see anything past the week, I think actually looking forward a little more in my life might do me some good. I don't want to be afraid to make plans anymore

5. Family photo- I want to try and get some sort of family picture together this year, we haven't done it in forever and our lives are moving so quickly I'd like to get a good picture of us in one place

6. Get more active- I already have improved on this one but some days I come home from work and collapse, I need to get myself moving, I always feel better after I do even when I drag myself through it.

7. Let things go- I realized from running into someone from my college years I've held a lot of grudges with people from those years I probably shouldn't have or should just let go.  I'm going to try and no have negative feelings towards them, key word being try.

8. Try to make myself a priority-I have a tendency of putting people in front of myself or what is good for me, either people who deserve to be or people who don't.

9. Move toward vegetarian/ vegan ism-  I'd really like to give this lifestyle a shot, my barrier being cheese and turkey and fish, but we will see

10.  Have fun-Always the goal, stop to look at the world around you and enjoy the beautiful world you live in.  Look at the moon and the sun, breathe in a good day.  Always my goal!


Sunday, August 5, 2012


Ok so bottom line is I'm an idiot, who signs up for a half marathon (13.1 miles) when they would rather stab themselves then actually run.  That'd be me! Sometimes into this "training" I really think about why I'm so stupid, however, it also kinda rocks.  Bottom line I was never good at running, we're talking back of the line, girl that you see running 10 minutes after the whole team already runs by.  I don't run fast and I freakin HATED it.  My version of running was barely making it through a mile and then moving on.

Well now days I need to run, for the half marathon and for my sanity.  With everything with the house I'm basically too broke to actually do anything and anyone that knows me knows I love my shopping.  No more random $100 trips to target for this girl, I haven't set foot into a mall in 3 months! Even getting dinner with friends is tough money wise for me right now, so sadly I've turned to running.  Now I'm still not sure about this whole half marathon thing, but I have 2 months to figure it out and this girl can now run 5 miles, who would've thunk it?!

So basically me and my nearby running trail are in a relationship, and it's getting serious, he's cheap.  I'm going to spend some time with him today.

Andddddddd pretty sure this is how I look running

side note: way to kick ass today Andy Murray, fell in love when he cried at Wimbledon and love watching him get gold today!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August Rush

Helllllllo August, my birthday month and the end of "summer".  For real where did this summer go?  I feel like it was just March Madness because yes I do measure my year by sports seasons.

I am going to be turning........26 this month!! Last year I avoided celebrating my old age by booking it to Pittsburgh for a preseason Steeler game.  I'm scared, I hate a lot of things about getting older, most of them because the older I get the more questions I get asked that are annoying:

  • "Are you seeing anyone"
  • "What are you doing for a living?"
  • "Where are you living?"
  • "Do you have any kids?"
  • "Do you have a boyfriend?"
  • "What have you been doing since we graduated"
All of these questions have been getting progressively more annoying in my old age so I will answer them:
  • No I'm not seeing anyone (cue the weird "ohhhhh" sound and me launching into my "I don't care" speech)
  • I work for an insurance company, blah blah blah about my job
  • I moved into my new house (Cue the where, when, how questions)
  • Kids?! Ew NO!
  • No, have we met, hell no I don't have a boyfriend (see commitment/sister/trust issues)
  • I have been very busy since we graduated.........doing nothing
I do not enjoy explaining myself, for some reason living in the town I live in I have to constantly.  I'm proud of myself and what I've accomplished but I don't need to brag about anything. 

Next time: List of Must Do's for being 26!


Thursday, July 26, 2012

London calling.....

Ok no big secret I love me a good reality singing competition, last summer I stumbled upon the new X Factor in the beginning stages and discovered the lovely, gorgeous Ms. Cheryl Cole on the judging panel in a few early auditions.  Now I pride myself in my celebrity knowledge but had NO clue who this chick was but she was adorable with the English accent and freakin  GORGEOUS, plus I loved her outfits and her attitude.

Cheryl Cole-I mean she's just ridiculously pretty!

A couple Google/YouTube searches later and I found reality singing GOLD in the form of the UK version of X Factor, which is the show that produced One Direction.  I have been basically obsessed ever since.  UK X Factor is 100 times better then the US version (can't wait to see this season with Brit Brit though!) and also fell in love with UK The Voice.  Now I cannot stop listening to all UK musical artists. I am in love with Cheryl Lloyd, Rebecca Ferguson, Cher Lloyd and Jesse J.  They are SO talented it's ridiculous! I swear Rebecca Ferguson is the new Adele!  They're style is so different but it's just good Pop music, which is one of my favorite kinds.

Jesse J-Who you are (If you don't listen to this and just stare at the talent we are not friends)

Cheryl Cole-Call my name (this is on repeat in my head ALL day!)

Now you can get all of their music on ITunes except Cheryl Cole's who has not released hers in the USA yet, after many searches I found all 3 of her albums on Amazon and spent $40 to get all of them shipped to me across the pond.  I have her first one, 3 Words am in love, I can't wait until the other 2 get to me!!

My love of all things British is growing and growing!

They have seriously improved my running playlist!


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Lady in red

So one of my best friends texted me today asking if I had a red clutch she could borrow for a wedding, the joke is that she knows the only color bag I've carried since I was 16 was a red bag.  Crazy I know, but it's my trademark. 

Me and my various red bags throughout the years:

I'll go into a little history, I was 16 and our family friend from Pittsburgh came to Bmore and took me into Nordstrom, which at this time I was a stranger to, and walked into the purse section, she picked out the prettiest dark red, Italian leather bag I've ever seen, walked over to the register and said "Happy 16th Birthday Erin".  The lady rang up my newest love, wrapped her in tissue paper and walked her around the register (A touch I LOVE about higher end department stores) and put her in my hands.  That was it, I was head over heels in love, it was the single most expensive thing I owned being a 16 year old, American Eagle wearing girl.  

From that day on it was over, red bags were my thing.  I have been OBSESSED and in love with gorgeous red bags since I was 16 and minus a formal event, have carried only red bags for the past 10 years.  Now I own a LOT of them, my collection is mostly Coach bags and random other brands I've fallen in love with.  The ladies at my local Coach store call me personally when a new red bag comes into stock, it is a problem but it's something I really love!  I had the red Coach bag before it became one of Oprah's favorite things a few years ago and FLEW off the shelves, it is my pride and joy.

Years back I read an unauthorized biography on Anna Wintour, editor of US Vogue, and fell in love with her, nuts as she probably is, I love a strong business woman!  She had the trademark bob and sunglasses that have become every fashion designers nightmare and dream all rolled into one. 
The trademark thing always stuck with me and I found mine, this lady wears red!


Monday, July 16, 2012

Fake it till you make it......

So as I've said in a pervious post I signed up for a half marathon a few months back. Yep WTF was I thinking.  I am not a runner, if I could stab any exercise until they are dead it would be running.  I just want to challenge and push myself to do things that are outside my comfort zone, bucket list things.

Now the half-marathon is in October, 13.1 miles and no idea how I'm going to get there, I'm around 4-5 miles and then I wish I could drop dead.  I am determined to give it my best, so the next three months I will be working my ass off in order to scratch, crawl and claw my way across that finish line.  No quitting, no excuses, just hard work, and a lot of motivating music.........


p.s. My twin/ little sister got a big girl job, shout out to CBK  love you girl!!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Low Country living

Good afternoon from South Carolina, yes me and my Mommy have made the trip to the low county for our annual retreat.  I've been lucky enough to be visiting Charleston, SC for most of my life it feel like my summer home.  One week of laying on the beach/by the pool, sleeping in, and shopping.

Behind our condo here there is a stream/long pond thingy with a huge alligator in it, I have named him Boots and I am trying to turn him into a vegetarian.  By try I mean I'm throwing almonds, bananas, pretzels, etc in the water to get a reaction.  We're on the top floor so we're safe he'll just eat the people on the bottom, right?

Must have for vacation:
Chick-Lit books, Sunglasses (my Kate Spade and my Ray-Ban aviators are my faves), good sundresses, my Iphone and John Mayer's new CD which I am officially OBSESSED with!! Plenty of alcohol as well.


Monday, July 2, 2012

......on to the next one

Ok so it's no secret that I'm not exactly a girl that is in a relationship, well, ever.  I don't see the point and then when I do I go all in and usually end up with the "it's not you it's me" speech.  It's the Virgo in me, it's all or nothing and the "all" is always with the wrong guy.  I never see the good right in front of me and I usually am attracted to guy that look like this
Johnny Depp
 (dark tattooed and handsome), but act like this,
Ari gold
complete asshole

So lately I've gone down a different road, I've given the nice guy a shot again, probably the nicest guy ever a shot again.  Blast from the past came back into my life and I thought what the hell you.  Now this was the first guy I ever really liked back in the day (middle school) and we had that middle school relationship then it was done, he's literally the nicest dude on the planet.  I threw myself into "liking" the kid just to see if I was missing something as far as this whole nice guy thing goes.  Turns out I wasn't. He's lovely and he was in the middle of his "it's not you it's me" speech when I just started laughing, which did not go over great but was my reaction.  I adore him and I am happy he is back in my life but not in any way but as a friend.

I realized with this whole experience, I deserve to still be picky, I don't have to settle, and I have my shit together for a 25 year old single lady and anyone who doesn't, doesn't deserve me! I have a type, and it is evolving into something more along the lines of my Dad which I LOVE. My independence has to be worth giving up for someone one day, and that day is not today.

Bottom line, don't force it, feel it......


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Shessssss bacccccccck

Alrighty kiddos, so I've decided to re-enter the lovely world of blogging after a 2 year hiatus, however I forgot my password to my old account which was with to my old college account that I can no longer access, sooooo, this is me again and my same shining personality is back

My new Obsessions:
1. My house- thats right, after years of dreaming I finally bought my dream home, she is perfect and lovely, and I am living in complete and utter bliss finally on my own (duh see blog title) 

2. My love of all things Apple-ok might not be new to me but it is new to my blogging existence, my Iphone and Macbook Pro are probably the best investments I've ever made, I'm in love with all

3. My Single-sorta-hood-I am totally, kinda still the single girl at age 25, I am dabbling around with a blast from the past ex-boyfriend, we are still trying to figure stuff out but the more time i spend with him, the more time I like my life as is, we shall see

4. All things Cheryl Cole and british music related-  I don't know where I have been but I cannot stop watching British reality music competitions (see The Voice UK and XFactor UK).  I adore the accents, the references to them being "pop stars" and the crazy fashion.  I have also recently fallen in love with one popstar, the lovely Ms. Cheryl Cole

Honestly who wouldn't love her, not only is she adorable, but she seems like the nicest girl and a tough chick all rolled into one.  Her music is fun pop music that I am currently trying to order to import to the US so I can run to her, which brings me to......

5. Half marathon training-ok obviously I've lost my damn mind, I hate running, I hate running more then anything but I signed up for the Bmore Half Marathon in October in hopes of doing something I never thought I could do. So I am training, and that means my ITunes is blowing up with new music all the time to keep me motivated.

Alright that should be enough for now, I'm going to do my best to be more "me" and also keep this thingy up because lord knows all the 2 people that are going to read it are interested, shout out to my florida sisters for the inspiration! love you!!