Monday, July 9, 2012

Low Country living

Good afternoon from South Carolina, yes me and my Mommy have made the trip to the low county for our annual retreat.  I've been lucky enough to be visiting Charleston, SC for most of my life it feel like my summer home.  One week of laying on the beach/by the pool, sleeping in, and shopping.

Behind our condo here there is a stream/long pond thingy with a huge alligator in it, I have named him Boots and I am trying to turn him into a vegetarian.  By try I mean I'm throwing almonds, bananas, pretzels, etc in the water to get a reaction.  We're on the top floor so we're safe he'll just eat the people on the bottom, right?

Must have for vacation:
Chick-Lit books, Sunglasses (my Kate Spade and my Ray-Ban aviators are my faves), good sundresses, my Iphone and John Mayer's new CD which I am officially OBSESSED with!! Plenty of alcohol as well.


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