Thursday, July 26, 2012

London calling.....

Ok no big secret I love me a good reality singing competition, last summer I stumbled upon the new X Factor in the beginning stages and discovered the lovely, gorgeous Ms. Cheryl Cole on the judging panel in a few early auditions.  Now I pride myself in my celebrity knowledge but had NO clue who this chick was but she was adorable with the English accent and freakin  GORGEOUS, plus I loved her outfits and her attitude.

Cheryl Cole-I mean she's just ridiculously pretty!

A couple Google/YouTube searches later and I found reality singing GOLD in the form of the UK version of X Factor, which is the show that produced One Direction.  I have been basically obsessed ever since.  UK X Factor is 100 times better then the US version (can't wait to see this season with Brit Brit though!) and also fell in love with UK The Voice.  Now I cannot stop listening to all UK musical artists. I am in love with Cheryl Lloyd, Rebecca Ferguson, Cher Lloyd and Jesse J.  They are SO talented it's ridiculous! I swear Rebecca Ferguson is the new Adele!  They're style is so different but it's just good Pop music, which is one of my favorite kinds.

Jesse J-Who you are (If you don't listen to this and just stare at the talent we are not friends)

Cheryl Cole-Call my name (this is on repeat in my head ALL day!)

Now you can get all of their music on ITunes except Cheryl Cole's who has not released hers in the USA yet, after many searches I found all 3 of her albums on Amazon and spent $40 to get all of them shipped to me across the pond.  I have her first one, 3 Words am in love, I can't wait until the other 2 get to me!!

My love of all things British is growing and growing!

They have seriously improved my running playlist!


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