Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Hello, welcome to another addition of My Tunes Tuesday

1. Lupe Fiasco ft. Ed Sheeran-Old School Love
OK I found this jam perusing iTunes the other day, and by the first line of Ed Sheeran's I was done.  This whole song is just fun and it just feels good to listen to and it's become my new alarm to wake me up in the morning.

2. Pink-The One That Got Away
I found this song at the very end of her album and it was the best ending track I've ever stumbled across. I have been a Pink fan since I saw her on that motorcycle in "There you go" and listening to the raw vocals on this song catch me in the gut.  The line "I've always been a sucker, had a weakness for a boy with a guitar and a drink in his hand" explains me 100% and she sounds EPIC on this track.

3. One Direction-Story of My Life
Well OK, clearly I have a problem, I'm a 27 year old girl who cannot stop listening to One Direction, whatever, but hear me out.  This song off their new album, "Midnight Memories", is the first step away from being this cute boy band into a more mature audience.  I've already converted 2 friends into my One Direction loving ways with the maturity of this song, give it a shot, if nothing else just see how hot Harry is.

3. Keith Urban ft. Miranda Lambert- We Were Us
My love for everything Keith Urban just continues, if you haven't seen him live, GO, like RIGHT NOW! Step away from the computer and GO! You want to see what a real musician sounds like, go see him live and you will have a new respect for county music and Mr. Keith Urban, not just a pretty face my friends.  I won't even get into my deep rooted love for all things Miranda Lambert, aside from the killing cute animals, I adore everything the lady stands for.  This song makes you wish it was summer to just roll down all the windows in the car, rock your favorite pair of shades and sing at the top of your lungs.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Manic Monday

Ok this week is going to be a disaster of epic proportions in terms of my schedule and life, but I can do it, I think.

Did anyone watch the AMA's last night? OK, I love running to Pitbull music but whoever thought hiring him as host should be shoved into a room a la Seneca Crane in the first Hunger Games and given  a bowl of nightluck.

We all know my long standing love for all things Taylor Swift, who picked up a couple awards last night, she is everything adorable in the world.  I think she was gracious and awesome, I wish she would've performed but I don't make the rules.  Her hair looked fab and has me seriously considering bangs, but I think she's worn out the short sparkle dress thing.  Don't get me wrong she always looks amazing but I think there's so much more she can do.

I was wanting to see how close she sat to my boy Harry Styles but the camera never cut to either of them when they won awards, which was another big AMA fail.

I was OBSESSED with Justin Timberlake's performance! I know he wasn't dancing all around the stage or putting on a huge show but I LOVE that instrument, voice, bluegrass performance, and any song about alcohol is a winner in my book.

I didn't get the Lady Gaga performance, or why of all people she would collab with R. Kelly, which is no shocker, but her voice and solo at the end won me over

Christina Aguilera blew me away, she looked simple and flawless and the emotion she put in her performance was so touching. And as always my boys from One Direction rocked as well, do I think they deserved to win that one award over JT and TSwift, no but I'm still happy for them, speaking of which.....


Hopefully I make it through the week!


Friday, November 22, 2013

Focus Friday

I think focus is something that I keep striving for that keeps passing me by.  It's hard to find your focus when life keeps moving so quickly, sometimes you need a project, a person, or a goal.  My focus is always best when I know it's going to get me somewhere, usually with work, I am always trying to move to the next thing, get somewhere better.

I find myself getting caught up in the routine, daily life of getting up, getting to work, doing work and whatever comes after that, I miss moments.  I try to watch the sun go down, look at the clouds and the mood, the absorb those moments when I can in because when you don't see them  you miss what is really gorgeous about living.

I try to get caught in the moment of just looking around seeing things.  We don't know what comes after this life, if this is our one shot then I don't want to miss that gorgeous view we get.

I have an issue taking pictures of the moments too.....


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

My Tunes Tuesday

Since a lot of my posts revolve around music, I thought I'd make a "My Tunes Tuesday" to zero it in on one day and leave the rest open for my more varied rambles. So let's get started, shall we.

1.Ellie Goulding-"Burn"- I'm all over obsessed with her and her music.  I remember hearing "Lights" and liking it, but thinking it was too electric/techno pop for my tastes.  I heard "Burn" on the radio and had to investigate, and let me tell you the whole album rocks.  Many of the songs are techno but they have meaning and fantastic lyrics. I also have a hair crush on her.

2. Passenger-"Let Her Go"-I first heard this song quite a while ago on my Maroon 5 Pandora station and I was fascinated with the lead singer's voice. The lyrical content of this song is just so simple, yet so profound.  I heard the acoustic version of this recently and fell back in love with it, there's this simple yet fantastic message of never appreciating something or someone when they are right in front of you I think everyone can relate to.

3. Taylor Swift ft Ed Sheeran-"Everything Has Changed"-Ok we all know my fantastic love for Ms. Swift but add in Ed Sheeran and it's a no brainer here.  Once again the message in this song is so epic, that feeling you get when you meet someone and the whole world just shifts.  It's the feeling we all want and once we have it we usually don't understand until we look back and realize that was the moment.  I'm obsessed with the song writing of these two individually but together, I'm even more obsessed.

So this is it, my 3 songs of my week thus far.  I think I'll keep this up, it keeps things more focused than my other ramblings.


Monday, November 18, 2013

Tutu wearing 27 year old

It was a pretty good weekend, and by pretty good I mean low key.  I didn't run around like usual from place to place, which was nice.  I ended up using most of Saturday to cook, it has been getting chillier in my neck of the woods lately, so I was dyingggg for chili.  I have an obsession with chili because it's what my mom always made on snow days.  So I got all dressed up and made my trip to my local WalMart, because I refuse to go to WalMart in anything but my Saturday best.  I grabbed all the ingredients and I needed to find a white sweatshirt for the Color Run on Sunday.

First up was the chili, after a quick Google search, I really wanted to make white chili with ground turkey, so I found the Martha Stewart recipe (obvi) and went to work.

It was bomb, but because I bought the ground turkey at WalMart, I had too much, so I went ahead and made Emily's spinach and roasted garlic meatballs, they made my house smell heavenly.

They look a little gross but trust me, they're to die for.

Sunday was The Color Run, I've seen pictures of other people's experiences and have always wanted to do one.  My girl also bought all of us tutu's and the 5 year old ballerina in me could not wait.

It was pretty fun, the worst part was the line waiting to enter the actual course, there are so many people they send you in waves, so the waiting is not fun.  The only other part I wasn't a fan of was the course, we basically ran through parking lots, which I get they were making a mess but it wasn't fun to run around parking lots.  Also the music only happens right before the next color, and I never EVER run without music, listening to myself breathe heavy always makes me want to quit.  We finished and went over and had some brunch, tutu's and all.  It was a fun way to start a Sunday.

The color came out in one shower, but I took today off just in case.  I was going to do so many productive things, but I've found myself laying on the couch, catching up on daytime TV and reading some of my fave blogs.  This is going to be a good week, I can feel it....


Friday, November 15, 2013


There's this movement my girls (Heyyy CBK & BHB, heyyy) and I have started to try to stay positive despite all the bullshit life throws at you.

We started with #ZenJuly, #OmmmAugust and #Peacetober. This month is #NamasteNovember.  There's so many daily annoyances that get in the way of breathing and keeping yourself centered.  It's nice to have a focal point and bring it all back together.
Thing I am loving at the moment: girls celebrating each other.  I caught photos of my girl, TSwift rocking at the Victoria's Secret fashion show this week, as many of us want to cut those perfect girls rocking the runway, many chicks wouldn't have the confidence to get up there with them and rock, she did.  That kind of confidence and show of girl power is amazing to me.

In support of #NamasteNovember I will reveal the mantra I go through life from the late and great Elizabeth Taylor



Wednesday, November 13, 2013

We are college basketball

There are a few traits automatically inherited once you are born into my immediate family.  You will love each other no matter what, you will love only the Pittsburgh Steelers for football, and you will be love the Kentucky Wildcats above all other colleges.

If you know anything about Kentucky fans you know we're intense, dedicated and knowledgeable.  Our knowledge comes from the fact that THERE IS NOTHING ELSE GOING ON sports-wise in the state of Kentucky.  We have horse races and college sports.  Some people living in the state root for that other team (side eye Louisville) but people with better taste always end up with blue blood.

My connection to the bluegrass state comes from my dad's side of the family,  his father and mother were born in Kentucky and moved to Pittsburgh for my grandfather's business right before my dad was born.  My grandparents retired back to Kentucky and my dad fulfilled his lifelong dream of going to the University of Kentucky, where he got his business degree.  As children we spent a lot of time in Kentucky too see my grandparents and to feed my father's addiction to everything Wildcat related.  I remember going to games and running around that campus when I was 8 years old.  I had Big Blue onesies.  I had Kentucky cheerleader costumes for Halloween (the only time my father found his daughters being cheerleaders acceptable)

My parents house always had a Kentucky decorated powder room, in every house they had, since I was born.  My dad would spend tons of money on these hand sketched prints of the team every year to put on the walls and order calenders from the university bookstore to update on the back of the door.  For YEARS Rick Pitino watched me go to the bathroom (yep it was creepy)
(I actually own the framed copy of this Sports Illustrated)

I watch announcers during Kentucky games in Rupp Arena (where UK basketball calls home) say it is the most intense atmosphere in college basketball history.  Ladies and gentleman, they are absolutely right.  Watching Kentucky basketball is for me, like how I imagine going to a mega church is like for religious people.  You are surrounded by people with similar beliefs, all coming together to worship, yes I mean worship.

This is it for us, Kentucky fans are dedicated for life, and it helps that we are the best at this whole college basketball thing too.  People say since we have been so good the last few years (thanks Coach Cal!) that I am a bandwagon fan and this couldn't be more wrong.  I was a fan when I was born, I was a fan when Pitino left us to go to the Celtics, I was a fan during the Billy years (even though I tried to block them out) and I have been a fan when we lost to Robert Morris (mommy's an alum) in the NIT tournament last year.  I have a powder room in my house decorated in all Kentucky, I even expanded that tradition to cover my whole basement, the whole basement is decorated in Kentucky memorabilia.  I  scream bloody freaking murder at my team during games, I get nervous like I'm going to take the SATs again on game days, I wear all black the day after a big loss.

My daddy rockin a Kentucky shirt, I'm trying to grab his glasses, age prob 1
Me at the Race for Hope 5K in DC in my Kentucky shirt
My sister, dad and me at the Winter Classic in NYC circa 1996

I feel lucky to be in this family that is Big Blue Nation, we're everywhere and we're supportive.  I love how our coach right now is a Pittsburgh boy who has created the type of environment around Kentucky basketball I grew up loving, because in Kentucky the coach has to want to make it work with the fans.  I love that this year we have possibly the best recruited class in college basketball history.

I have been a nervous wreck all day Tuesday because my Wildcats, who are ranked #1 this early in the season are taking on Michigan State #2.  I am writing this blog the night before because I don't know if my computer, or anything valuable items, will exist in my house tomorrow if this game doesn't go well, but I wouldn't have it any other way.


Monday, November 11, 2013

I've got a feeling.....

Ok, whenever you are doing something intense, bad or insane do you get a feeling?  I always do, it shoots into my hands.  I can't explain it, whenever I feel something crazy I always get this crazy feeling in my hands, like fireworks going off.  I think I'm a pretty good liar, but whenever I am telling a serious lie, I feel it.  Whenever I meet a guy that is going to be a serious part of my life I feel it.  Whenever I kiss a guy that means anything to me I feel it.  Whenever I am doing something insane I feel it.

With guys I have felt it with a few, one in particular.  I feel like part of the reason I have been single for this long is because I know that feeling and until I feel it again I think I'm just settling.  I don't believe in love at first sight, I'm a huge believer in ending up with your best friend, but the feeling that person gives you I believe in.  I remember distinctly the feeling with I met this one guy, the feeling shot into my hands and that was it, for a long time I was stuck, and every guy I've met since when I don't get that shooting feeling I just move on.  It might have just been him, but I don't want to give him that much credit, he's an ass.

I worry I won't feel it again, that shooting feeling with a guy, like BAM he's it.  God I hope not, he sucks.

I have to keep believing, that person doesn't suck, I will get that shooting feeling again with a guy, I will get that ending.  Or I will be 75 with 10 dogs and a lot of clothes.


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

My friends over you.....

I was listening to New Found Glory on Pandora most of the afternoon yesterday, and while I loved the songs that brought me back to middle/high school I also found myself getting stressed out.  As I have said in a prior post, music is a huge part of my life, I equate life events or feelings with music.  Listening to all those songs made me miss my old best friends, having little to no responsibility but I got stressed out.

Sounds silly, but those songs remind me of that time in my life when I wanted to fit in with everyone else, I would feel insecure with my glasses, braces and bad haircut (if we're friends see my 6th grade yearbook picture, then burn it).  When all of my friends started getting boyfriends and I wasn't always the cutest girl in the world, so I felt left out.

When my big sister started going to high school and I felt left behind in middle school.  Those feelings of just trying to be cool, trying to fit in, and freaking out when you felt like you didn't.

For me now, I look back on that time and I feel like I can breathe.  I went through a lot in middle/high school, I had challenges to face that no one should have to, but I feel like that push to grow up has made me stable, strong and someone I always wanted to be.  I might talk a big game, but I didn't always walk a big game, I felt like a complete loser and totally different a lot of the time.  Figuring out you don't need to be like everyone else, and finding yourself is a wonderful thing!

Speaking of finding yourself, I am again participating in Miss Emily's 21 Day Superhero Challenge 2.0 which begins today, November 6th, and you can sign up here.  It's no sugar, no carbs for 21 days leading up to Thanksgiving and I have to say it's made my life so much better!!


Tuesday, November 5, 2013

She's my person.......

So, this last week we found out my Grandmother died, dad's mom, via Facebook.  No one called to tell us, no one let us know when the funeral was, they communicated requests for the distribution of the Will via Facebook.  To say I was pissed is an understatement, even given the lack of relationship we (my sister, mom and I) have had with that side of the family over the last 10 years I still believe we, or at least my sister and I had the right to know.   OK, I'm still pissed, and it turns out sometimes the people you don't have the best relationship with are the hardest to lose.

This whole thing brought me back to the feeling of when something so seriously fucked up happens who do you want to tell, it's always the same person, next to my family, it's C, she's the first person I thought of when the whole Grandma-Facebook thingy went down.  She's the person I called when my mom got engaged and I was freaking out, she's the girl I call when shit hits the fan, always.

This girl and I met in 2nd grade, I didn't like her, she didn't like me, I remember it was in the parking lot, our moms were talking, I think I commented on her shirt and that was it, we were best friends and it has been that way ever since.  We have literally gone through everything, boys, new friends, death, life, college.   I cannot remember a significant event in my life when I didn't want to tell C or get her input on something in my life, I guess that's what happens when you've known each other since second grade.  I don't think any friendship is perfect, we haven't always got along.  I don't think she's always been there for me, I'm sure she feels like I don't always get her, but there's this unconditional love that I've only experienced before with my own sister.

We don't see each other every weekend, we don't hang out with the same group, but we always, always have each other.  In any situation, no matter who she has wronged, no matter the bad mistake I made, we get it, we support each other, and we're honest.  Any kind of family dynamic thrown out of whack I can always talk to her, she knows it all, the down and the dirty.  She gets me, she gets how I feel, I know how she is and how she feels. 

People I run into who I've known but haven't seen for a while always ask "Are you and C still friends?"  My answer is always "Yep, best friends". It may sound simple, it may sound small, but that's it, she's my sister, we're beyond being friends.  Love you C!