Friday, November 22, 2013

Focus Friday

I think focus is something that I keep striving for that keeps passing me by.  It's hard to find your focus when life keeps moving so quickly, sometimes you need a project, a person, or a goal.  My focus is always best when I know it's going to get me somewhere, usually with work, I am always trying to move to the next thing, get somewhere better.

I find myself getting caught up in the routine, daily life of getting up, getting to work, doing work and whatever comes after that, I miss moments.  I try to watch the sun go down, look at the clouds and the mood, the absorb those moments when I can in because when you don't see them  you miss what is really gorgeous about living.

I try to get caught in the moment of just looking around seeing things.  We don't know what comes after this life, if this is our one shot then I don't want to miss that gorgeous view we get.

I have an issue taking pictures of the moments too.....


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