Monday, November 18, 2013

Tutu wearing 27 year old

It was a pretty good weekend, and by pretty good I mean low key.  I didn't run around like usual from place to place, which was nice.  I ended up using most of Saturday to cook, it has been getting chillier in my neck of the woods lately, so I was dyingggg for chili.  I have an obsession with chili because it's what my mom always made on snow days.  So I got all dressed up and made my trip to my local WalMart, because I refuse to go to WalMart in anything but my Saturday best.  I grabbed all the ingredients and I needed to find a white sweatshirt for the Color Run on Sunday.

First up was the chili, after a quick Google search, I really wanted to make white chili with ground turkey, so I found the Martha Stewart recipe (obvi) and went to work.

It was bomb, but because I bought the ground turkey at WalMart, I had too much, so I went ahead and made Emily's spinach and roasted garlic meatballs, they made my house smell heavenly.

They look a little gross but trust me, they're to die for.

Sunday was The Color Run, I've seen pictures of other people's experiences and have always wanted to do one.  My girl also bought all of us tutu's and the 5 year old ballerina in me could not wait.

It was pretty fun, the worst part was the line waiting to enter the actual course, there are so many people they send you in waves, so the waiting is not fun.  The only other part I wasn't a fan of was the course, we basically ran through parking lots, which I get they were making a mess but it wasn't fun to run around parking lots.  Also the music only happens right before the next color, and I never EVER run without music, listening to myself breathe heavy always makes me want to quit.  We finished and went over and had some brunch, tutu's and all.  It was a fun way to start a Sunday.

The color came out in one shower, but I took today off just in case.  I was going to do so many productive things, but I've found myself laying on the couch, catching up on daytime TV and reading some of my fave blogs.  This is going to be a good week, I can feel it....


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