Friday, November 15, 2013


There's this movement my girls (Heyyy CBK & BHB, heyyy) and I have started to try to stay positive despite all the bullshit life throws at you.

We started with #ZenJuly, #OmmmAugust and #Peacetober. This month is #NamasteNovember.  There's so many daily annoyances that get in the way of breathing and keeping yourself centered.  It's nice to have a focal point and bring it all back together.
Thing I am loving at the moment: girls celebrating each other.  I caught photos of my girl, TSwift rocking at the Victoria's Secret fashion show this week, as many of us want to cut those perfect girls rocking the runway, many chicks wouldn't have the confidence to get up there with them and rock, she did.  That kind of confidence and show of girl power is amazing to me.

In support of #NamasteNovember I will reveal the mantra I go through life from the late and great Elizabeth Taylor




  1. Realized I didn't comment, but I will ALWAYS be Katy kthanks xxoo