Tuesday, November 5, 2013

She's my person.......

So, this last week we found out my Grandmother died, dad's mom, via Facebook.  No one called to tell us, no one let us know when the funeral was, they communicated requests for the distribution of the Will via Facebook.  To say I was pissed is an understatement, even given the lack of relationship we (my sister, mom and I) have had with that side of the family over the last 10 years I still believe we, or at least my sister and I had the right to know.   OK, I'm still pissed, and it turns out sometimes the people you don't have the best relationship with are the hardest to lose.

This whole thing brought me back to the feeling of when something so seriously fucked up happens who do you want to tell, it's always the same person, next to my family, it's C, she's the first person I thought of when the whole Grandma-Facebook thingy went down.  She's the person I called when my mom got engaged and I was freaking out, she's the girl I call when shit hits the fan, always.

This girl and I met in 2nd grade, I didn't like her, she didn't like me, I remember it was in the parking lot, our moms were talking, I think I commented on her shirt and that was it, we were best friends and it has been that way ever since.  We have literally gone through everything, boys, new friends, death, life, college.   I cannot remember a significant event in my life when I didn't want to tell C or get her input on something in my life, I guess that's what happens when you've known each other since second grade.  I don't think any friendship is perfect, we haven't always got along.  I don't think she's always been there for me, I'm sure she feels like I don't always get her, but there's this unconditional love that I've only experienced before with my own sister.

We don't see each other every weekend, we don't hang out with the same group, but we always, always have each other.  In any situation, no matter who she has wronged, no matter the bad mistake I made, we get it, we support each other, and we're honest.  Any kind of family dynamic thrown out of whack I can always talk to her, she knows it all, the down and the dirty.  She gets me, she gets how I feel, I know how she is and how she feels. 

People I run into who I've known but haven't seen for a while always ask "Are you and C still friends?"  My answer is always "Yep, best friends". It may sound simple, it may sound small, but that's it, she's my sister, we're beyond being friends.  Love you C!


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