Monday, January 14, 2013

New year, new.....something

Happy New Year party people, I took a blog hiatus for a while, one in part because I haven't had anything interesting to say, the other to reassess if I actually wanted to throw myself back into the blog world.  Well I'm in!

I spent New Years with the same amazing people I ended up spending last years with, a few added significant others, but it was a very low key night, aside from me spilling champagne all over my face and doing wall squats.

I didn't make any huge resolutions, signing up for the half marathon again, continuing to better myself, same old same old.

OK so let's discuss the Golden Globes.  Now most people that I love know I love all things celebrity and fashion so this is my favorite time of the year.
Now I will freely admit I have had a certifiable girl crush on Jennifer Lawrence since I saw her on the red carpet in these:
(Calvin Klein)
(Marchesa,Victoria Beckham, Tom Ford)
And most importantly this:
(Prabal Gurung)
I mean COME ON! Lady is GORGEOUS and she's from Louisville, Kentucky, and I have some roots in Kentucky as well.  Now I couldn't wait to see her at the globes, especially after her Critics Choice Awards dress was awesome and then I saw her:
(Dior Couture)
Now, the makeup, hair and jewels are fab! The color and belt are as well, the boobs are my hold up.  Now she can do no wrong in my eyes but I mean Dior could've made this a little more flattering in the chest area for my girl.

I think my ladies Tina and Amy were amazing, I love love love the drunk sketch, of course! Tina Fey is looking super skinny and Amy is just gorgeous and has the best comedic timing ever!!!
My favorite part would have to be the Will Ferrell and Kristen Wigg moment-can they host something together?!?!

Now for Jodie Foster. I mean I have never understood her, my mom is obsessed so I've seen basically every movie but I've never been a fan.  Now her being honored was enough, her looking great in Armani was enough, but the LONG speech that I needed to get a deep thinking translator to explain was pushing me over the edge.  If she admitted to being a lesbian, great. If she said bye to her mother, great. If she retired from acting, great, but I HAVE NO CLUE WHAT SHE SAID!!!

oh my goal is to blog more