Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Single Smingle

Alright, so let the record state I am not a boyfriend girl,  I've never really thought I needed one, I've only really dealt with the dudes I have been "official" with.  To me I'd rather have great friends because I have seen people make all those fantastic memories with a person, then go through a whole terrible or even not terrible break up and then they lose everything with that person.  With friends you don't lose those memories, and you feel the same when you recall said memories.

I also haven't met many people I am willing to answer to, I am fiercely independent and don't care to explain myself to people, even my own family, I do my own thing.

Diatribe aside, my best friend notified me the other day it was National Singles Day or something of that nature and my first thought, "EWWWWWWWWWW".

Being ::cough cough:: 26 now and seeing as society has not evolved as much as I would like, I get asked about my status on a daily basis.  Now, not that I'm ashamed but it would be nice once and a while to get that giddy, "yes I have a boyfriend" thing.  Now I would never go out and grab the nearest male just to fill that void but you know once and a while it's there, usually until I realize that men are like puppies and I'm not ready for responsibility.

So having that weird sinking feeling like I was wearing a Scarlett S on my chest for single most of the day I did what most single girls do, I listened to John Mayer at work endlessly, got my hair highlighted and cut, bought sushi I can't afford, poured a huge glass of red wine and am now watching mindless TV.  Then I remember, I am now watching TV, eating sushi I can't afford and drinking wine in a house, I bough, myself, at 25.  DAMMIT I'm an independent woman!!


P.S. I solemnly swear to blog more often