Monday, November 25, 2013

Manic Monday

Ok this week is going to be a disaster of epic proportions in terms of my schedule and life, but I can do it, I think.

Did anyone watch the AMA's last night? OK, I love running to Pitbull music but whoever thought hiring him as host should be shoved into a room a la Seneca Crane in the first Hunger Games and given  a bowl of nightluck.

We all know my long standing love for all things Taylor Swift, who picked up a couple awards last night, she is everything adorable in the world.  I think she was gracious and awesome, I wish she would've performed but I don't make the rules.  Her hair looked fab and has me seriously considering bangs, but I think she's worn out the short sparkle dress thing.  Don't get me wrong she always looks amazing but I think there's so much more she can do.

I was wanting to see how close she sat to my boy Harry Styles but the camera never cut to either of them when they won awards, which was another big AMA fail.

I was OBSESSED with Justin Timberlake's performance! I know he wasn't dancing all around the stage or putting on a huge show but I LOVE that instrument, voice, bluegrass performance, and any song about alcohol is a winner in my book.

I didn't get the Lady Gaga performance, or why of all people she would collab with R. Kelly, which is no shocker, but her voice and solo at the end won me over

Christina Aguilera blew me away, she looked simple and flawless and the emotion she put in her performance was so touching. And as always my boys from One Direction rocked as well, do I think they deserved to win that one award over JT and TSwift, no but I'm still happy for them, speaking of which.....


Hopefully I make it through the week!


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