Sunday, August 12, 2012

10 for 26

Alright so my Bday is approaching at a rapid pace, I'm not a fan of getting older but we shall see how 26 goes.  I always treat Bdays like New Years and make lists or resolutions for things to do during the year, so here goes nothing

1. Travel somewhere outside of the US- this might be a little tough on the budget I am on but I would like to see if I could make this happen and expand my horizons a little, it's been a while

2. Get an electronic reader of some sort-I think it may be time to dive into the world of electronic reading book thingys, I love my books and have been scared to get into this world but I think I want to beg a loved one for one at some point.

3.  Run another half marathon-not even through my first but I think I want to see if I can get through this one, get my feet wet and start planning for the next

4. Try to get more motivated for the long term- I usually don't see anything past the week, I think actually looking forward a little more in my life might do me some good. I don't want to be afraid to make plans anymore

5. Family photo- I want to try and get some sort of family picture together this year, we haven't done it in forever and our lives are moving so quickly I'd like to get a good picture of us in one place

6. Get more active- I already have improved on this one but some days I come home from work and collapse, I need to get myself moving, I always feel better after I do even when I drag myself through it.

7. Let things go- I realized from running into someone from my college years I've held a lot of grudges with people from those years I probably shouldn't have or should just let go.  I'm going to try and no have negative feelings towards them, key word being try.

8. Try to make myself a priority-I have a tendency of putting people in front of myself or what is good for me, either people who deserve to be or people who don't.

9. Move toward vegetarian/ vegan ism-  I'd really like to give this lifestyle a shot, my barrier being cheese and turkey and fish, but we will see

10.  Have fun-Always the goal, stop to look at the world around you and enjoy the beautiful world you live in.  Look at the moon and the sun, breathe in a good day.  Always my goal!


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