Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Here we got 26.....

Ok, so apparently there is a justified reason I never want to celebrate my birthday, drama seems to follow.  This year was no different.  Now don't get me wrong the very mature case race idea was fun, started without a hitch, a bunch of my favorite people in one place including my 2 oldest best friends, and plenty of beer.  I always forget the automatic anxiety attack I have whenever anyone spills anything in my house still, but I have a good poker face and drunk people always=mess.

My 2 oldest best friends and me on my Bday

The case race was fun, no one was really paying attention basically just socializing, the purple team won (not me) and then everyone was pretty buzzed to say the least. Then the drama started.  Now I have great friends but there is always one that gets bored and decides to start stuff, then my other friends jump in and it turns into me screaming at the kid in my basement.  Never fails, bday drama.  I am living the best life right now with no room for people who cause chaos so not my thing.  Then everyone had designated drivers come get them and trickled out leaving me to fight with the kid until around 4am when he finally left with a driver.

.......Then came the 2 day hangover, proving I am getting old, dammit.  Needless to say, not the best weekend of my life but I am so lucky to have the best friends a girl can ask for that make everything better.  I got some of the best birthday gifts and cards which are always a good thing.  Now it's onto my new year of being 26.

I got my mid-year review at work which went really well, I am lucky to really enjoy my job and my manager says I have a calming force on my team (what?) as well as having a lot of leadership potential.  My company really believes in me and I don't hate going to work everyday.  I also won negotiation call of the month for the 3rd month in a row, which means I earn a "work from home"day, which basically means a "sleep in and hang around my cell phone and lap top in case my manager calls" day.  Always a good thing to save for after a late night Steeler game!! (happy birthday to me!)

Speaking of which, 1 more week until STEELER season!!!! Now I already got my one championship this year with my UK Cats, but another Superbowl would not suck!!  And I think 26 only holds more good things for me!!


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