Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Engagement Celebrations, Maryland Style

It was time for our monthly family dinner with my loves, and to celebrate my sister's engagement my Mom's boyfriend decided to take us out to celebrate as Marylanders do:

Crabs and beer baby, crabs and beer.

The happy couple. 

The other happy couple.

I have been coming to this crab deck for 20 years now.  My dad found it when we moved to the area and we've been loyal patrons ever since.  It seemed only fitting that this was the place to celebrate.

I mean come on.....

I may have mentioned that if anything happens to my sister tragically I would give this sucker a happy home.

And that guy on the right is my new brother!  That fabulous lady in the back with the green headband is not included.

I've never seen my sister so happy, he's absolutely the right guy, and let the wedding madness begin!


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