Monday, August 4, 2014

What Doesn't Kill You

So the best thing happened Friday, I got into grad school.  I've wanted to take this step for a while and it was so amazing to finally have in my hand. 

As quickly as the excitement set in the sheer panic of the cost set in and I spent the majority of Saturday in a full sobbing marathon.   How can I pay for this, and all my bills, and my mortgage, and have a life?  I love being an independent woman but sometimes doing everything on your own smacks you in the face.

After a good talk (cough cry cough) to my mom on Sunday I was assured that everything will actually be OK.  I am taking steps to push myself and I am not doing anything that I would ever regret. 

Life isn't easy or a free ride, but the best feeling is overcoming one goal and moving onto the next.


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