Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Wednesday Wishes


1. My fave girl Tori Gonzales did a collection of tshirts for Tumbleweed Texstyles.  Now I love Willie Nelson so this beauty went to the top of the list.

2. Cheryl Cole's single Crazy Stupid Love has been out in the UK for almost a month now and I still cannot find the single to import! It's driving me cray!

3. If I could find these Nike shoes I'd be complete.  Totally kidding...sorta.

4. This ASOS dress is just perfection to me.  This color being a mix of pink and violet with the black offsets is stunning!

5. These Tory Burch booties are exactly the look I am hunting for to add to my collection for the fall.  I have a great pair of biker booties but I want something suede and light brown for a softer edge.  

Fun fact: booties/boots are the  only heels I can walk in successfully.  

I totally just jinxed myself didn't I?


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