Friday, August 22, 2014

Always the Bridesmaid


So a couple of the most important people in my life (heyy Dack and C!) have gotten engaged lately.  This leaves me on the search for the perfect engagement gift.  Through my search I either found things completely ridiculous or woman focused.  There are a couple that I love and I think would work for any couple.

1. His and her coffee spoons is the cutest idea to me.  My sister and C are coffee lunatics so this is an adorable idea.

2. Monogrammed wine glasses are always a classic choice.  These Pottery Barn guys are a little expensive, but it's a cute idea for a couple.

3. Now y'all know my love for everything ABD.  Her mugs are my every weekend go-to and take center stage on many of my Instagrams, and of course she has the perfect engagement gift.  One, if not both of my girls will be getting these cuties.

4. This is a his and her ring dish.  Now my sister has been know to lose good jewelry,  so this would be a front and center reminder and safe place for her to store her rock when she's at work helping the sick people of the world.

5.  One of my oldest best friends also happens to be a very talented calligrapher.  I am for sure purchasing her address stamp for a gift.  I own one myself and feel fancy every time I put that lovely thing on my mortgage payments.  What girl doesn't want to see that "Mr & Mrs." every time she pays a bill?


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