Thursday, June 4, 2015

If I Knew What I Was Doing

10 years ago I graduated high school. 

I'm sorry I just had a mild panic attack typing that, I'm OK now.

There are so many things I wish I knew and so many things I wish I would have appreciated.  

1. Stop worrying, stop wondering if you'll ever find that happiness you had before Dad died. You do
and you will. 

2.  You won't lose touch with Catie, she's a constant and always will be.

3. Go to your 8am class, the freedom isn't as cool when your professor forgets your name and you
barely pass the exams because you're too hungover.

4. None of the friends you made in college will be your friends in 2 years. Stop trying to dedicate your time to pleasing them, shit hits the fan.

5. Wine in a box is an investment in your future.

6. Your mom won't marry anyone until it's the right one. Don't worry she knows how to pick them.

7. Your sister will be fine, she will figure out what she is perfect at in life and stick with it. 

8. Go to the gym more, stop eating McDonald's at 2am.

9. Don't play quarters with Rikaoff, it doesn't turn out well.  Ever.

10. Let your mom give you the first aid kit when you move into college. Trust me you will take too many shots of Bacardi one night and appreciate it.


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