Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Hopefully everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving, mine was a whirlwind which I will recap later this week, onto the usual.......

1. Bob Marley-No Woman No Cry
This song is my home and my peace.  My mom took us on a cruise the Christmas after my dad died to try to get us away from "all the happy Christmas people" which was an adventure.   I remember sitting on a small boat, cruising in Grand Cayman on our way back from swimming with stingrays and this song came one.  I was surrounded by clear water, pure beaches, and I literally closed my eyes and found peace for the first time in a few years.  Bob Marley is my dude, he's where I go when I need to relax and just breathe.

2. Justin Timberlake-Drink You Away
Ok I saw this performance he did on the awards show recently and I was done.  Give me some bluegrass/jazz and a great song about alcohol and I'm a fan.  Plain and simple
3. Little Mix-Move
We all know I love all things British pop, and these chicks are part of that obsession.  I watched them rock out on X Factor, I loved their first album, but this song has me hooked.  It has a great beat and a cute message, and these chicks can SANNNNNNG!

4. Blake Shelton-Mine Would Be You
This song is like a blanket on a cold night, his voice is just warm and sweet on this one.  I've been a fan of Blake since the mullet days, but this song is just what every girl would want to hear from a man.

One week without a One Direction song, yep it happened.........


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