Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Yesterday I had the day off, so since it was a winter wonderland outside I took the time to lay on the couch and watch Bravo.   Onto the tunes.......

1. Val Cmerkovskiy-White Boy Boogie
OK hear me out, I've been in love with all things Val Chmerkovskiy for a while now because of the work hard, be the best attitude he has had on on Dancing with the Stars for years.  I caught the replay of him with his older brother Maks on The View last week and they called him out for this song.  Well I investigated and went around the rest of the day singing "do the white boy boogie".  Y'all, did you know he's not just an amazing dancer but he's also a musician, plays the violin and designs clothes?  Add all that up into this sexy package and I'm sold.  If nothing else this song is fun and makes you want his dog.....

2. David Nail- Whatever She's Got
A good ole country song about a dude just in love with his girl, sigh.  This dudes voice is piercing, and this song is so simple, but we all love the message.    I'm a sucker for a simple, fun country song about  guy who just loves his girl, add in a line about a mood ring and I'm sold.
4.  Gavin DeGraw-Sweeter
I've loved Gavin DeGraw since I heard "I don't wanna be" a million years ago.  He a fantastic songwriter who doesn't get enough credit in my opinion.  This song has this hard bass line throughout and this mix of rock and classic Gavin DeGraw feel that I'm hooked. This song also just has this hot, sexy message that makes me want to dance on tables. The lyric "I really like you, but I can't be friends, not with these hands of mine" just is the hottest thing.....
5. One Direction-Alive
I know, I know, I have issues, but this song is AMAZING!  This is track 17 on the deluxe edition of the album, and if this song isn't on the regular CD GO BUY IT.  You want a feel good song that will have you dancing and feeling good, this is your song.  "We've got to live before we get older" is probably my tag line for the next few years.  And my guys SLAYED on SNL this weekend...

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  1. Girl Gavin is coming to Tallahassee and I'm goingggggg