Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Oh Make Me Over


Make-up  has always been fun for me.  I love playing, I love accentuating my positives, and I love playing dress up.  I can literally get this done in about 10 minutes when I'm barely functioning first thing in the morning before work and I still look somewhat awake.

1. MAC Bare Study-I use this as an eye primer, it has a great base and keeps my eye make-up going all day long.  I've tried a bunch of bases but this and another MAC are my favorite.

2. Bare Minerals San Fransisco- This blush gives me life.  This makes me look awake and gives me enough of a glow in the morning that I look like I had more coffee than I probably had.  Blush for me gets rough because it can make anyone look like a clown, but this blush is harmless.

3. Esos Strawberry Sorbet-I literally have one of these in every single bag I rotate in my daily life.  I can't live without this little guy.

4. Benefit They're Real mascara-OK I've tried literally every mascara.  From the $43 YSL to the Covergirl ones and this guy, hands down, is the best.  I'm obsessed.  My eyelashes are almost completely blond, so without mascara I look crazy, but people have consistently made comments about my eyelashes since using this.  Hook for life.

5.  Antonym Quattro Noisette-  My favorite part of myself are my eyes, they're this crazy green color I was lucky enough to inherit from my Grandfather and I love making them pop, this collection makes it easy.  I picked up this on my major shopping spree at Pink Dot Beauty Bar in Charleston, SC.  This is an Eco-friendly, skin friendly brand that I was introduced to by my fairy godfather and I'm hooked. 

6. Bare Minerals foundation-My go to for everyday coverage.  I love myriad of secrets this little guy hides and I still feel like I have nothing on.  Hooked. Forever.

7.  Covergirl eyeliner- This is easy, it's cheap, and it looks fantastic.  Simple.

8. Vincent Longo Sweet Samba-Another gift from my dude at the Pink Dot Beauty Bar, they only had two left in stock and you better believe that I grabbed both.  It's a perfect neutral and since I love to play up my eyes I like to keep the lips neutral.


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