Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Read, Listen, Love

Who's ready for a new week?


1.  Love this girl. I love the attitude, the style and now she has a voice on a blog.

2. If you know me you know Charleston is one of my favorite places on the planet.  I get my daily dose from Annie and I feel like I'm there.

3. This show got me immediately so of course I ran out and scooped up the first book.  Apparently my mom read a bunch of them years ago, so I'm going hunting in her house soon to grab up the rest.


1. TSwifty-Shake It Off

2. Sam Smith-I'm Not the Only One

3.  Eminem (feat. Sia)-Guts Over Fear


1. I don't know where I'd wear this dress, but I feel like I need to figure it out.

2. The possibilities would be endless for me with this pullover.  Damn price tag.

3.  Because every girl needs some arm candy.


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