Friday, September 5, 2014

Who Are You Wearing?

People who feel connected to celebrities freak me out.  We don't know these people, we aren't a part of their lives.  I love watching and being entertained, but there are very few celebrities that I really feel like I've learned from or who have pulled something out of me.  

Joan Rivers is one of those people.  

I remember being maybe 11, watching The Fashion Police and just absorbing everything she said.  Her attention to detail and love of style helped create my love of fashion.  I learned names and patterns of high end designers from her.  Before then I never felt like I was an artist or appreciated art until I discovered fashion and she opened my eyes.

I am someone who is extremely blunt (cringe worthy sometimes) and I tend to speak my mind.  This is attributed to my parents, but also the women I look up to.  I love funny women, and after Lucille Ball there was Joan Rivers.  I saw her say things and speak her mind but always with a smile and with a joke.  She was opinionated and crass, and I was enthralled.

She helped teach me in so many ways.  I could even tell how loyal she was because she never went through a breathe without mentioning her daughter or her grandson.  She was always supporting other women in comedy, and that's a rough place for a woman to be.  She blazed the trail for my favorite ladies Kathy Griffin and Chelsea Handler.  

And I'll never stop saying what I'm thinking.  


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