Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Older Bolder

So my birthday is less than a month away now, and though I don't enjoy getting further away from 20, it's always kind of fun to get a year older.

Now the most I ever want for my birthday is a few laughs and drinks with my friends, I'm not afraid of a little wish list for if I ever had a birthday fairy godmother.

1. Kendra Scott Shaylee Pendant Necklace

If you know me you know me you know I get separation anxiety if I'm too far from my Kendra Scott Rayne necklace.  I love that thing and it's become such a staple in my life that I would love to get it a little sister, any color is fine with me.

2. GiGi New York Teddi in salmon

I may or may not have sent the link for this bag to my mom with an explanation that it was on super sale and have had my fingers crossed ever since.

3. Press for Champagne on Etsy

I found this while reading a blog recently and fell in love.  I've been deciding where I should hang this in my house ever since.

4. All inclusive trip to Santorini

I'll even bring you along.  Men with dark hair, crazy accents and good food. Sign me up.


I'm just saying, I would forfeit gifts for the rest of my life......


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