Thursday, July 3, 2014

Off to Market

Waking up to this view never gets old.  My sister and mother are morning people where I, eh, am not.  Mom spoke on of my passwords (shopping) and I pulled myself out of bed knowing what was waiting or me.

I threw on this breezy Asos number, grabbed my sunglasses and threw myself into the car for the drive in hopes of more coffee.

There are so many great places to shop in Charleston.  King Street has so many stores you could be lost for hours.  I usually stop in all of those but always find myself back here, the Market.

I remember running around these stalls when I was little, gazing at all the homemade goods and trinkets.  Lusting after the jewelry I knew no one in my hometown would have.  

As I grew up, the market did too, but that charm it always had is still there.  My sister and I still wander around looking at everything, even though some of it has been visiting there as long as we have.

My sister has an affinity for shiny objects.

These days I go for one thing, these candles.  We found Rewined a few years ago and fell in love immediately.  Most candles fashioned after wine usually smell terrible and look tacky, but these do not.  They are made in South Carolina, out of recycled wine bottles and made of soy.  They fill the whole house with a yummy smell.  

Every single Rewined sales associate I have come in contact with have established why I keep buying them.  Every one is friendly, personable and just sweet to talk to.  They have expanded and I can even find them in some stores in Maryland, but the experience of buying them in Charleston is better than any other store.

Who wants to leave this life? I guess it's the reason we keep going back to it.


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