Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Day Drinkin

Baltimore has a large gathering every year to celebrate art in all of it's forms, and that gathering is called Artscape.  Now I've never actually gone, so Saturday I gathered my two besties and we hopped on the light rail to check it out.  

I enticed the girls with a promise of acceptable day drinking and food trucks, works every time.

Look how the heavens opened up behind this sign, like a beacon.

This smelled heavenly and all three of us literally stopped to stare.

I turned around to take a look at my surroundings.

Turned back around and my friend Nar was still staring at them meat.

First Lady of Baltimore was present and accounted for.

This guy had the right idea.

We wandered the food truck row and finally decided on this little joint, where the crowd was hovering so it had to be good.

Bottle opener with a little reflection of me in the back.

While we waited the truck ran out of fresh tortillas, so the friendly worker called each person up by name and made suggestions for alternatives based on our orders.  We opted for two orders of nachos, and a few rice bowls.  

HEAVEN.  Fresh, tangy, not too spicy.

Ran into this gentleman and his friends who blocked off a part of the street.

 This group lined up 4 members of the crowd and one nice gentleman decided to see if he could fly.

Turns out he could.

We wandered the vendors, checking out all the unique trinkets at each stop.  After a few hours we were exhausted so we stopped into Starbucks and headed back to the light rail to head home.

It was a gorgeous day in Baltimore and it was days like this that make me love this city.  

Cold beer at 2pm doesn't hurt either.....


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