Wednesday, July 2, 2014

We're the oldest people here without kids

I've never been to an outdoor concert at Power Plant, frankly, I've rarely been to Power Plant sober, but there was Ed Sheeran and I couldn't resist.

My BFF and I were leaving the parking garage and riding down the elevator with a father and his young daughter I knew we were in for a bunch of screaming young girls.  

In order to handle this properly we acted our age and ordered some quality alcohol.

Don't judge.

I was possibly overly excited.

And then there he was, he opened with "I Don't Need You" which he blasted and kept blasting for about 10 minutes.  Yep, I was in love.

He only played about an hour, mostly because he only had until 9:45 because all the bouncers had to kick out the underage kiddies to make way for the over 21 crowd who always filled the place.  The venue wasn't ideal sound wise, but Ed has a way of involving a crowd that I've only seen rarely.

He engaged the crowd in about every song, and with passion.  The guy can play his heart out.  He played "Don't" and after the whole mystified crowd sang back to him he mentioned it was the first time a crowd had done that.  He was endearing and captivating.

When I wasn't annoyed with the endless squirming and squealing of the young girls, I was reminded why I used to love going to shows like that when I was younger.  The whole crowd is one, and you just enjoy the music.

Now it was hot as hell and by the time I got home I was tired and gross, but I loved it.  I would pay any amount of money to go see Ed play a whole set anywhere, as long as I can drink to drown out the fan girling.


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