Monday, June 30, 2014

Southern Living

Last week my family packed into my mom's SUV and heading down for our usual road trip to Charleston, South Carolina.  I have been going to Charleston in the summer for 20 years now, it's one of my favorite places on the planet (that I know of).

We stayed in downtown Charleston for the night at the Renaissance, which was lovely and I rushed to our balcony to get a picture of the view.

OK not great, but I was just happy to be out of the car.  

We dragged our weary behinds to our favorite stop in the city for a lunch/dinner.

AW Shucks is located right on the edge of the Market in downtown Charleston, and we go there every year we're there.  It's easy, relaxing and the food is fab.  We sat on the porch out front, ordered a few beers, and resisted the urge to rest our weary heads on the table.  Dramatic?

We sat in the heat, enjoyed the people watching, and then the lovely server brought us the food.

I ordered the shrimp tacos, but the lovely waitress brought me one Mauhi Mauhi taco and one shrimp, she understood me.  I scarfed these bad boys down and we went on our way back to the hotel to collapse.

I discovered on the way down I forgot my eye makeup and panicked.  Luckily I stumbled into the Pink Dot Beauty Bar and was greeted by my fairy godfather, who picked me right up.  Now picture Lafayette from True Blood doing your makeup, you'd fall in love too.  I got put back together, hugged my fairy godfather and headed back to the hotel for a nap.  

My sister and I slipped out later for a couple drinks and some exploring before we snuggled into our bed.

The next day we continued to our final destination at the Wild Dunes on the Isle of Palms a stones throw outside of Charleston. We went to relax by the pool waiting to check in.  Once we did I ran out and the balcony had a little better of a view.

I sat on the balcony calculating how much money I needed to make to stay down here forever.  I love the people, the food, the views, and the lifestyle.  If anyone has any (legal) ideas for how I make this permanent I'm open to ideas.

More adventures later.


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