Thursday, June 19, 2014

Family Dinner

Every month my family has started this awesome tradition of setting a date to bring everyone together for dinner.  And by everyone I mean all 5 of us, and one is retired so he barely counts.

We rotate houses, make a banging meal, have too many glasses of wine and make each other laugh.

This month was my mom's turn, so of course she made more food than anyone could possibly eat.

These were the appetizer: feta and artichoke dip. Couldn't even get a picture before it was devoured.

 My mother and her Manfriend have a ongoing competition for who makes the best cornbread, this one is his creation.

It's a pretty fantastic tradition.  My sister talks about her patients, my mom talks about school, her Manfriend talks about his kids, and my sister's lovely boyfriend throws in an inappropriate comment.  I sit back listen and make sarcastic comments, that's really what I'm good for.

We all live in separate places and have such busy schedules it's nice to set a monthly date to catch up.  My sister, mom and I are so used to it just being us that throwing the boys in is a fun addition.  

My turn is in 2 months, I need to start planning a menu.


P.S. Are y'all watching Bravo's Ladies of London yet?  I thought it was hideous to begin with, but I've quickly been sucked in.

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