Friday, June 6, 2014

Low Hanging Fruit

My little town isn't known for it's stand out restaurants.  Most of the locals are happy to wait hours for a both in one of the chains then venture to something different.  With the beautiful weather I was itching for an outdoor dining experience that was something different, so I texted Mom and we decided on the Open Door Cafe.  

Located in the corner of a strip mall, I often forget this little gem is even there.  We got there for an early dinner and were greeted and seated immediately on their little outdoor patio. 

I opted to order fresh fruit.

And by fresh fruit I mean their house sangria, obviously.

The lovely little patio outside was constructed with the help of my Mom's neighbor of 20 years.  It's small and lovely something found in a strip mall.  The inside offers a coffee bar and a cafe-like seating area.

I ordered the salmon and Mommy opted for the short ribs that were on special that night.  She abhors having her photo taken, and since she was lovely enough to pay for dinner I obliged.

The charming waiter suggested I substitute the spinach for the grilled asparagus, and it turned out to be brilliant.  The salmon had a blood orange sear on it which was tasty and added a great crunch.  It was rested on top of a bed of jasmine rice and a side of cucumbers in some kind of Greek sauce like what you would find on a gyro.

Mom shared a piece of her spare ribs and they were fine.  I prefer my ribs on the almost bleeding side and these were more well done, but she enjoyed them.

The atmosphere is very laid back and the restaurant had very minimal traffic until around 7pm when we began to filter out and the non-senior citizens began strolling in.

Our very hairy, but lovely friend next to us had vacated and I could see that fresh fruit I ordered at the bottom of my glass, so it was time to call it a night.

I read the reviews on the restaurant before we went and found myself puzzled.  I do agree that the service seems a little more slow paced than I am used to, but dinning with someone you love you barely notice it.  The waiters are more than welcoming to 4 legged friends and offer genuine suggestions on the menu.  

My Mom's Manfriend has been known to play music there some nights and I heard the deserts are to die for so I will  be back.


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  1. My fat kid taste buds are tingling at the thought of eating there.