Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Hello Summer

So summer seems to have finally arrived in my east coast home, and of course all I can think about are the summer clothes and summer music.

So I have perused Pinterest (as one does) and found the perfect combination of both.

Summer days

Somethin' Bad-Miranda Lambert & Carrie Underwood
This screams hot summer day, possibly a concert.  Hair is fresh out of the sea water, you throw this on over your bathing suit and mozy over to a bar where you can stick your feet in the sand and order an orange crush at the same time.

Luke Bryan-Play it Again
This is everyday, this is shopping at the outdoor market, a working lunch, or an afternoon date with someone.  Your skin is tan making the washed out colors pop, and your hair has sun kissed streaks all through it.

Summer Nights
Lorde- Tennis Court
This is a wedding or a date at the country club.  The bright blue makes the tan stand out, the nude shoes make you look supermodel tall and the clutch is just enough to hold the flats for when it's time to dance.

Cheryl Cole-Crazy Stupid Love
This is a night out with the girls when you are hoping to run into that guy you always liked but rarely see.  This is dancing after too many cocktails in a circle of girls and not caring who is watching.  The shoes kill but with the white pants you need them helping you out.

Just dreaming.


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