Monday, June 9, 2014

Pain in My Ass

This weekend officially kicked off half marathon training weekend.  OK I know it's a little late seeing as my next half is in September, but better late than never OK.  So K and I made a plan Friday to go for 7 miles on Saturday morning.

Now this plan was in place before we decided to stop by our town's First Friday celebration and had one too many beer truck visits.  Come Saturday we powered through, hit up the trail near our house and got the job done.

I can honestly say I didn't expect to make it, but we did, and Sunday I had that great feeling in my ass after I really work out.  I love that feeling, means I did something. 

 Running clears my head like nothing else does.  It's so strange to love and hate something at the same time.  

It's that moment right after mile 2 when you suddenly feel your muscles open up, your breathing evens out and you just keep throwing one foot in front of the other, and that's all that matters.

 I want this to be my last half marathon, but I've said that two times before. 


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  1. yaaaayyyyyy i need to start joining you all for training when i'm in BA on weekends!