Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Greece lightening

Aren't there just some places you feel calling your name?  Greece has always been one of those places for me.  I dream of sea blue roofs, cobblestone roads and clear water.

Most of all I dream of the food.

Even when I was young I would beg for a gyro instead of a hamburger.  If I could put feta on everything I would, and seafood is my favorite.

 Why I'm not Greek you would have to address with my ancestors, but if I had to bet, somewhere in my deep past there may have been a lovely Greek woman with green eyes.

Lucky for me, Rosie is a fan of Greek food as well!  I was gagging for a gyro over the weekend so I popped over to The Londoner and rushed to the store to make her Homemade Gyros.

This is her "secret sauce", watch out it's a spicy litter bugger, but what's life without a little heat.

This is exactly what I wanted and it was more than easy to throw together, which could turn out to be dangerous whenever I am dreaming of blue roofs and dark haired men with dazzling dark eyes and an accent.


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