Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Facing My Fear

Do you ever want to conquer a fear?  Well this weekend I did, and that fear was baking.  Yep you can read, BAKING.

I picked the easiest recipe I could (yep it was Rosie's) to make for family dinner and dove right in.  

I'm pretty confident in my cooking skills, but baking is an animal onto itself.

Get it animal, baking.....OK not great.

I threw together the lemon tart knowing my mom's Manfriend wasn't a chocolate man (seriously where does she find these people) and carried it to family dinner Friday night.  I didn't dare eat it, but I passed it off and apparently it went well, and from the licks I had of the filling from the pot I knew I had a winner on my hands.

Top left is the finished product, pretty little lady ain't she? 
Top right: My sister and I were hungry but first, let's take a selfie.
Bottom left: my favorite morning mug and my homemade chocolate raspberry tart.
Bottom right: My favorite spicy lemonade for an afternoon sun bathe on my moms deck.

I went onto making that lovely chocolate raspberry tart on Saturday because let's be honest, I was on a roll.  It turned out fine, the crust was a little thinner than I should've let it get, but still I was happy.  

So this weekend baking, next weekend swimming with sharks.  Well theoretically since I will be swimming in the ocean and that's where sharks live.


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