Thursday, June 5, 2014


Have you ever let people out of your life only to look back and question the decision?  I've done it a few times.  I don't have much of a temper (mind you I say that in comparison to my sister and mother) but when I get mad something has got to give.  I can remember the two times I got pushed and cut two important people out of my life, if you make me angry enough to reach that point I don't need to test it again.

Then, there are the people that seem to do unforgivable acts but I forgive easily, I go back and get over it even when it seems impossible.  Am I a pushover?  Do I just forgive those I choose too easily?  I often question my decisions to let certain people back into my life continuously.  I feel like I make good decisions, especially when it comes to the people I surround myself with, but there's always that question of if the person adds to my life in a positive way.  

I guess we live and learn.  The only regrets I have are the chances I didn't take.  I think there are people worth forgiving.


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  1. forgiveness is like a box of mailboxes that were run over by a car.