Friday, June 20, 2014

Packing & Drinking

Fun fact about me is that two of my favorite things in the world are packing and drinking.

The anticipation is the fun, the idea of where you're going and the adventures you will have, coupled with picking out outfits.  I love dreaming of myself in a different place wearing my favorite shorts and shoes, exploring.

I try to not over pack, but I end up packing for both my mom and my sister too in case they need something.  I will inevitably need to give my mom a sweatshirt or my sister will want to borrow a hat.

I, of course, have to decide which bags (yes plural) to bring for different occasions.  I don't like to pick favorites but this little guy is one.

Some of the ladies like to show off on display. (Did you start singing the Jersey housewives Melissa Gorga's song because I did)

It helps having extra rooms in the house, so  you can have a whole room dedicated to clothes and packing when needed.

I have a love affair with Rebecca Minkoff red bags.

Here's to adventures, to new experiences, day drinking and to checking out strangers that I will never see again behind my Ray-Bans.


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