Monday, January 5, 2015

Soldiers of the Light

Ella's album is out in the US January 13th!

  • The dress section of Asos right now is dreamy.

  • Rosie has a new recipe, get excited. And a new bright and shiny website!

  • This guy is the new love of my life. My mom's fiance got me one for Christmas and there is nothing like the gift of music!
One of my closest friends was in town over the weekend, it's amazing how when you grow up with someone nothing really changes.  It was so good to have her and my whole family at my house on Saturday!


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  1. "Hallie's Hits" may be the best thing I've ever heard, haha. Should I change my blog name?!

    ... But seriously, thank you! So glad you liked that post (/posts) and I appreciate you including me. Happy New Year, lady!

    Hallie xx