Wednesday, January 14, 2015

BB and Cuffs

With the weather in my area in recent years I find it astounding I don't own a pair of Hunters, honestly how did I miss that? 

I know I'm disappointed in myself.

I am fascinated with BB cream and have heard this Stila one is pretty fantastic.

I'll tell you a secret: when I barely made any money and had no responsibilities I would cash my paycheck on a Friday and drive an hour to Nordstrom to spend that at the make-up counters, and specifically at Stila.  

I was so in love with the luxury of it all even at 16.

Ear cuffs are something that have grown on me, I got a sneak peek at BaubleBar's sample box for testing a few months ago and turned away from an ear cuff, but this guy looks like something I have to have.

I'm just not trying to look like a Game of Thrones character.

Or am I?


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