Monday, January 26, 2015

Link Love

SAG awards were last night and to be quite honest, I didn't really watch.  I've been fighting off a cold all weekend and just didn't have it in me to concentrate on one thing for three hours.  I did catch the red carpet and was blown away by Ms. Nyong'o.  I love how different this is for a red carpet, but still stunning.

  • I need to start getting into these and not a bag of pita chips.

  • Cathy styled this Talbots sweater I bought too and now I'm trying to copy it for an easy weekend look.

  • Due to the plague I got over the weekend I was reading this like it was my job.

  • Annie shared a beautiful picture if a Charleston sunrise, I miss that place so much but she keeps me feeling like I'm still there.

Anyone have any great suggestions for flu remedies?  I'm getting desperate here.


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